Why You Should Run a Social Media Advertising Campaign

Why You Should Run a Social Media Advertising Campaign

Social media is the go-to place for every consumer, making it the ideal place to run ads that encourage consumers to purchase products. Research shows that promoting brand awareness is one of the primary goals of marketers, and social media is the best medium for connecting with prospects and widening your reach. 

You might need to consider many factors, but a social media ad campaign can generate more reach and a higher return on investment than most advertising strategies. This article focuses on the many benefits of social media advertising.

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising has grown dramatically in recent years, and it’s because many users flock to social media for entertainment and researching product reviews. If you’re not yet using social media advertising for your marketing campaigns, here’s why you should:

1. Social Media Ads Let You Focus on a Specific Audience

One of the good things about social media advertising is that it deviates from traditional marketing that only runs campaigns without any guarantee of success. Social media platforms like Facebook allow you to focus on a particular group of audience.

For instance, you can run an ad targeting a particular brand’s followers, users interested in fitness personalities, women aged 18 to 30, or other categories. That is a stark contrast to email marketing and one-size-fits-all display ads.

2. Social Media Ads Lets You Scale Your Organic Presence

Promoting brand awareness and increasing your social media presence through organic means can be a laborious process. On the other hand, paid social media ads can speed up the process and guarantee results. 

But instead of using one over the other, a great social media advertising campaign uses both to achieve the desired result. You can turn to social media advertising to supplement your unpaid efforts on organic marketing. 

If you’re already posting content on social media and nurturing a growing audience without paid ads, doing a well-targeted campaign can speed up the process.

3. Social Media Ads Substitutes the Declining Reach of Organic Marketing

Organic reach is on the decline, and while social media algorithms can be fickle, they can be an alternative to traditional marketing. You are guaranteed to have better engagement with social media than other marketing mediums.

With unpaid posts, your content might reach high engagement, while others none at all to the point that they seem hidden to your followers. On the other hand, social ads ensure that you’re getting impressions. 

If you want to boost your social media presence and your business’ content without worrying about restricted reach and algorithms, social ads may be your best bet.


The growing competition in the social space and the declining reach of organic marketing make social media advertising campaigns all the more critical. More and more brands are using this medium to reach their audience, and it is only a matter of time before all businesses subscribe to using social media for marketing means. It’s best to begin using it now.

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