10 Worrying Reasons You Are Losing Your Followers – Part 1

10 Worrying Reasons You Are Losing Your Followers – Part 1

No matter what social media platform you are on, there are a few compelling reasons why you could be losing followers. Social media is a very transparent medium. This means that if you are doing it correctly, you represent yourself as you would in person. If you don’t, it will be readily apparent to your online audience.

In this guide, we’re going to list reasons why you could be losing followers. Some are avoidable, some are not.  But all of them are worth noting.

1) You’re Not Using Pictures 

If you have a social media account and you post anything that isn’t a picture, you’re doing it wrong.

Pictures are the most potent way to get your followers to come back to your page. This is because they encourage your followers to share what they see, and their friends will often see a fresh image that hasn’t been posted yet. This will get your account more likes, more shares, and more comments.

2) You’re Not Posting the Right Content on the Right Platform

The first thing that you need to do when creating your social media platform is to identify your target audience. Once you have identified your target audience, it is imperative that you know how they will use the platform that you are supposed to be using.

For example, if you are on Facebook, an image or video will usually work best. You can get away with using the status feature if you are posting a link to something, but other than that, you should use the image or video.

3) You Don’t Have a Posting Schedule

One of the biggest mistakes that we made when we first started using Twitter was not having a posting schedule. When we first started, we would post as and when we had something to say.

Now, we have a strict posting schedule that we adhere to. We post at the same time of day and we post the same amount of times each day. This is easier for our followers to get used to and it helps grow our audience.

4) You Are Posting Too Much Content

The overuse of #hashtags has become a problem in the Twitter hashtag game.  When we first started using the platform, we would use as many as 15 different hashtags on a single tweet. This is far too many for a tweet to be effective.

Hashtags used for vanity reasons will not get you as many retweets as those that are relevant to the content of your tweet.

5)  You Are Not Using the Right Hashtags

When you are creating your tweets, you have the option to use hashtags.  This is a good thing because it adds to the visibility of your tweets. However, you can also use it to your advantage to get more retweets and shares than you previously did.

The thing to remember is that you can’t use as many as you like. You shouldn’t use more than three hashtags per tweet.


Using the right tools can help you manage your account, maintain your engagement and improve your following. But the most important thing is to always be genuine and authentic. In the next guide, we’ll go over some more worrying reasons you might be losing your followers.

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