On Insta-Success: What Makes a Great Instagram Strategy?

On Insta-Success: What Makes a Great Instagram Strategy?

They say that a photo is worth a thousand words, but it could be valued a lot more when you post it on Instagram! This popular social media app is no longer a simple photo and video sharing platform—Instagram is now an essential tool in social media marketing.

With nearly one billion monthly active users on Instagram, businesses of all kinds view the app as a golden opportunity to further widen their audience reach, generate interest, and increase profit. However, to enjoy those benefits and more, you’ll need to have a killer Instagram marketing strategy!

Read through our tips below to gain success on Instagram:

Identify Your Goals

Instagram is an excellent platform to market your brand and to catch the attention of your target audience. Still, you first need to figure out precisely what you want to achieve by marketing your brand on this social media app.

No matter where you promote your products or services, you won’t get anywhere without having a goal in mind. 

Every successful marketing effort has a goal it intends to reach. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with the best creative agency in California—if your only reasoning behind jumping on the Instagram bandwagon is because everyone else is doing so, you should think twice about opening a business account.

Before you post on the app, make sure to set purpose and goals to know where to focus your efforts. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of your energy, finances, and time.

Mix Up Your Posts

Since Instagram only allows photos and videos, it can be challenging to vary the content you post. But, you can still keep your content fresh and your target audience interested in multiple ways!

To avoid being repetitive, your content should have different subjects for each post and focus on various topics so that your followers stay engaged. Your brand will always be compelling with distinct posts, no matter how many times the target audience visits your profile.

If you’re having trouble coming up with creative Instagram posts, you can consult a creative agency to figure out the best steps to take.

Use a Business Profile

If you plan to dive into Instagram marketing, your team needs to create a business account and complete your profile. Every company that wants to market its business on this platform must have a business account.

Unlike personal profiles that let you post content, view Instagram accounts, and set your profile to private, a business profile is public and includes various premium features. Since business accounts come with multiple features personal accounts have, you can further grow your business on the platform.

Some of the premium features Instagram offers to business profiles are:

  • Instagram insights
  • Shoppable tags in Stories
  • Instagram shopping and checkout
  • Promoted posts
  • Quick replies

Make sure to fill out every section of your page, from the profile photo and username to your bio. Don’t forget to include a link to your website in your bio so your audience can find more information on your company.


As the second most visited network, Instagram is indeed an excellent way to grow your brand. This social media app can help you get your business far, but only if you know how to make the most of it! If you want to drive sales and grow your customer base, follow our tips and reach out to a reputable creative agency! 

Do you want to market your business on Instagram but don’t know how? Then, leave the job to our skilled team at C/C/G! As one of the best creative agencies in California, we will dive deep to identify new opportunities to connect with consumers and increase your digital impact. Schedule a discovery call today!

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