Video Marketing 101: Creating a Viral Video for Your Brand

Video Marketing 101: Creating a Viral Video for Your Brand

Do you want to make your brand a household name? Decades ago, achieving this would require a lot of investment if you’re going to bring this dream into reality. Today, in the digital age, you can skip the long wait if you know how to do it right. One of the best strategies you can try is video marketing.

Before you work with a video advertising agency, here are the top things you need to know about video marketing.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of producing and distributing a video on the internet to promote your brand and gain more awareness in the market. There are a lot of ways to do it. You can make your own video, have a company produce a video for you or buy a readymade video on the internet. However, you need to know that original videos are better to get more views.

How Do You Make a Video Go Viral?

Many businesses want to make their videos go viral for their brand. However, the success of a viral video is still unpredictable. If you’re going to make a video go viral, here are some elements you should think about.

1. Timeliness

Not every video will go viral, even if it has a great production value. The timeliness of a video also plays a significant role in determining whether it will go viral or not.

2. Provocation

You want to make your video go viral, so you should provoke your viewers. Make videos that make people react. The key is that it can draw attention. There is a fine line between provoking and offending, though, so you have to be careful.

3. Humor

Humor results from incongruity, surprise, or a sudden twist, which makes people laugh. It is proven that people are more entertained by funny videos than serious ones. Humor is perfect for creating videos that go viral.

What Are the Benefits of Video Marketing for Brands?

1. Build Customer Awareness

Video marketing is the best way to reach out to more customers. It is a great way to build your brand’s awareness, particularly if you have a limited budget. You can reach many potential customers by making videos of your products and services.

2. Boost Your Credibility

If you have an established brand, but you have yet to be known by many people, videos are a good investment. It is more credible than text articles, as viewers will see how genuine you are through video.

3. Enjoy Strong ROI

One of the advantages of using video marketing is enjoying a solid return on investment. Video is said to be the best marketing solution, as it can provide more exposure for your brand. You can enjoy a high click-through rate, which is crucial for an online business.

4. Create a Cost-Effective Solution

Videos are more cost-effective than print ads and posters. You can make it in-house, and you do not need to pay to distribute each copy of your video.

5. Instill Brand Loyalty

Consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands and products they have seen and heard about through videos. A video may show the product’s quality and the selling points, making viewers decide to try it and stick to the brand.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is a great way to promote your brand. It is a good investment for small businesses and startups, particularly if you do not have a big budget. However, you need to learn the proper ways to do it if you want to make it work.

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