How Video Content Can Help Grow Your Business Today

How Video Content Can Help Grow Your Business Today

Do you know how many major marketing campaigns use video as a tool to help them achieve success and generate leads? Many. How many marketing campaigns do you think should be using video as a lead generation tool? All of them. 

Video is undeniably the biggest growth hack right now, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Here are the reasons: 

1. More Exposure and Engagement

You can hardly browse on social media without seeing any video content. In fact, on some platforms, that’s likely the first thing you’ll see. 

The reason behind this is that video content works well with most algorithms because they can hold a viewer’s attention much longer. Additionally, videos on Instagram generate more engagement than other content types; Twitter gets the same results through video content. 

2. Popularity

Who doesn’t like video today? Almost everyone in the world watches videos on the internet, and they want to see more of them. Video content is very popular, which is why it makes a lot of sense to create video content for your brand. 

3. Longer Shelf Life

Video content can stick around far longer compared to other types of online content. For example, a video on TikTok can show up on a user’s For You page for weeks or even months after it’s first published. 

Video content and its ability to generate more shares and interactions make them stick around far longer. 

4. Gen Z-Appealing

The rise of Gen Zers is here, and brands should captivate this demographic. The good news is, this generation is the most digitally inclined, which means you know for sure they’re online. This is also the reason TikTok boomed as Gen Zers make up a huge portion of its audience. 

5. Video Repurpose

Indeed, creating video content is more time-consuming than taking photos. Still, once it’s done, you can engage a wider audience, and you can repurpose it in many ways. For example, those short videos you uploaded to your Instagram Stories may also work well as Pinterest Video Pins. 

There are many opportunities for video content; you only need to be creative and think outside the box. That way, you can look forward to better results. 

6. Personalized Engagement

Today’s consumers crave personal experiences with brands. You can give them what they want through video content. Showcase the faces of your brand to humanize your business and have a deeper and more emotional connection with your audience. This is also an excellent way to offer your products or services in a customized way. 

7. Powerful Sales Tool

As a business, your sales are crucial to your success. Did you know you can acquire more sales through video content? This is because videos allow you to showcase your products or services, which will add a more valuable context to what you’re offering. 

Digital Experiences Take Centerstage

It’s undeniable that we are now living in a time when we are more inclined to the digital world, and it’s safe to say that this will be the future. Because of this, video content can be an effective tool to catapult your business towards growth. So, start making effective videos today!

Do you need help with video content? Let CCG, a creative agency in California, unlock innovative solutions to connect you to your customers. Schedule a call with us today! 

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