Want to Upgrade Your Facebook Ads? Here’s What You Should Do

Want to Upgrade Your Facebook Ads? Here’s What You Should Do

Social media is more than just a user-based community; it’s also a golden opportunity for service providers to connect with their target audience. With online presence as one of the leading factors for a company’s success, it’s no wonder why companies are developing marketing channels through online platforms.

Since technological innovation makes it easier for brands to connect with their target demographic, social media platforms provide unique opportunities for engagement. One effective way to utilize this platform is to take advantage of Facebook ads.

Utilizing Facebook Ads to Enhance Your Marketing Channels

Simply having a Facebook account doesn’t guarantee that you’ll reach the right target market. Thankfully, you can boost your posts and host Facebook ads to increase your online reach. While publishing your ad is relatively easy, you still need to implement the right strategies to enhance your click-through rates (CTRs).

In this article, we’ll share three guidelines you should follow when launching a Facebook ad campaign.

1. Break Down Your Ad’s Specifics

Like any marketing medium, Facebook ads contain different elements that work together to attract your target market. It should have a descriptive headline to highlight your brand or product, a post text to expound on your offer, and the appropriate media to entice your audience.

Some ads allow a description to highlight an ad’s content. This is mostly present in online listings through FB marketplaces. Even if you’re not selling a traditional product, you still need to input a call-to-action (CTA) to instruct viewers to head down your sales funnel.

2. Simplify Your Ads

Keep in mind that ads aren’t long-form content that users will have the luxury of time to digest. For this reason, your Facebook ads need to be simplified to attract attention and deliver your message. Don’t use block texts or too many elements with your visuals. Remember to use less, especially since you’re competing with other posts in an online user’s feed.

3. Utilize Video for Facebook Ads

WordStream reports that online shoppers are 1.8x more likely to purchase items than non-video viewers. This is why video content is becoming increasingly more common on these social media platforms. With over 500 million people watching videos on Facebook daily, bringing your Facebook ads into the mix can have a considerable impact on your sales figures.

4. Integrate Customer-Related Content

Customers are more reliant on their fellow consumers over the guarantee of a brand. This is why they value customer testimonials and reviews highly before subscribing to a product. If your goal is to reinforce your Facebook ad’s effectiveness, you may want to integrate content that includes your happy customers. Highlighting reviews or testimonials from genuine customers is an excellent way to reinforce your credibility and maintain customer trust.

5. Promote Contests to Engage With Your Audiences

The great thing about social media is maintaining a continual conversation with thousands of online users. This lets you do more than just post updates or promos about your products. You can be proactive by hosting contests with mechanics that encourage commenting, tagging, and sharing your content. It will double as an organic marketing strategy while keeping your customer base entertained and incentivized to remain subscribed to your pages.


The advantage and disadvantage of using digital platforms for your business is their constant need for innovation. This is why search engine algorithms and social media AI continue to evolve to match online user preferences. Thankfully, you don’t need to constantly monitor these advancements by yourself. Instead, you can partner with a reliable marketing agency to assist in implementing and executing target digital marketing strategies.

Entrust your digital marketing campaigns to our marketing experts at C/C/G.  If you want to invest in long-term growth with our Facebook ad services, contact us today!

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