Unique Hashtags or Trending Hashtags: Which Ones to Use?

Unique Hashtags or Trending Hashtags: Which Ones to Use?

Understanding how to use hashtags effectively will help your brand increase its social media reach and engagement, regardless of the social media platforms used in its social media strategy. Hashtags are vital in social media marketing because they make content easier to find and share.

This article will go over when it’s appropriate to use unique and trending hashtags.

What Exactly Are Unique Hashtags?

These are hashtags that refer to your content or brand name, for example, #IlovePontiac or #Pontiac. You can make hashtags that are unique to your brand or campaign.

Unique hashtags speak directly to the audience and demonstrate their devotion. It sends a distinct message to customers, in a sense. This individuality is required to distinguish and add value to social media campaigns.

What Are Trending Hashtags?

Trending hashtags, such as #MondayMotivation or #Sports, refer to a broad topic. These attract the most traffic depending on variables like current events or pop culture trends. Although you can’t force your hashtages to go trending, you can also generate trending hashtags relevant to your brand and campaigns.

When Is the Best Time to Use Trending and Unique Hashtags?

Use unique hashtags when you want to attract new followers or increase engagement with existing followers. These hashtags come in handy when your company releases new content or commemorates an event. For example, if you’ve written an article about innovation at your company, you can hashtag #OurInnovation.

Use trending hashtags to start a conversation or raise awareness about a popular topic or event, such as #DonaldTrump or #SuperBowl.

How to Use Unique and Trending Hashtags

When creating a unique hashtag, make it simple to remember and use. Unique hashtags with many characters or unusual words are typically challenging to create and remember. If you create your hashtag, make sure to use it consistently across all types of content and all social media platforms.

When using unique hashtags, look for and follow other accounts using the same hashtag. These users are an excellent resource for promoting your brand and reaching new audiences.

Establish a relationship with the community that the trending hashtag is hosting when using it. Don’t just enter the conversation and then leave. Maintain this relationship and show interest in the community over time.

When creating and participating in a trending hashtag, do a quick Google search to ensure a business or brand isn’t already using your hashtag. This will prevent you from infringing on or duplicating another company’s efforts.

You contribute to the hashtag clutter when you create a unique hashtag but do not engage with the community. If your hashtag is also relevant to other communities, they may be uninterested because they are preoccupied with the hashtags used by different communities.

Last Thoughts

Hashtags are an essential part of your branding and social media strategy, so it is critical to understand how to use them effectively. The beauty of hashtags is that you can start and join a conversation at any time. You can use hashtags to promote your content or join or start a conversation.

Trending hashtags help spark a conversation about a trending event or topic. Unique hashtags are great for attracting new followers, but trending hashtags help spark a conversation about a trending event or issue. When creating a unique or trending hashtag, make sure it is not overly complicated and that you use it regularly.

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