3 Tips for Promoting Your Bakery with Successful Marketing

3 Tips for Promoting Your Bakery with Successful Marketing

No one can resist a warm, fresh, sourdough bread slice or a moist, steamy cinnamon roll. Bakeries are a public favorite, generating $30 billion in revenue annually in the United States alone. However, other businesses’ success can also be bad news for you as a newcomer, which means you will have loads of competition.

To be successful, you need to learn how to market your bakery to make it stand out from the competition. Tasty and unique products are a good start, but they won’t be enough to attract the number of customers you need to succeed. Instead, efficient marketing will help you increase your visibility and get more clients.

Here are five marketing ideas to promote your bakery:

1. Optimize Your Website

You need a website to advertise your pain au chocolat or crispy baguettes because people won’t know about them otherwise. You can’t profit enough from just foot traffic, so an online presence is necessary. It’s important to have a website optimized for sales if you are in a less populated area. You don’t need to spend much money or hire a group of developers.

Creating a website with Wix is quick and easy. Simply fill out some basic information about your website, create a menu, and then you can generate a personalized website within seconds. You can see your future website and even play around to see if it’s a good fit for you.

This website is a one-page template that is easy to navigate. It has relevant sectioning and contrasting menu buttons that make it ideal for every bakery. This website will be easy for customers to find when they search for a bakery near them because it is already optimized for search engines. The website will also include beautiful imagery and keyword-rich text.

2. Set Up an Online Ordering Form

Some people would like to enjoy fresh bread without leaving the comfort of their homes. You could be surprised to learn that many affordable online ordering systems exist for small businesses. You don’t have to spend much money to take advantage of this technology; you can find an online ordering system that fits your budget and needs. You can serve more customers and grow your business without investing much money by taking orders online.

You’re only a step away from selling your deliciously baked bread with a free online ordering system. You must sign up, complete a few quick steps with relevant information (like your bakery’s name, hours, and location), and create a menu with all your amazing products.

After you create your menu, the last step is to post it on your website and start taking orders! You also have access to an app that makes it easy to take orders. The app will notify you when someone places an order, and you have four minutes to confirm the order.

3. Offer Relevant Promotions

Bakery promotions are important for marketing your business. They help increase your visibility, attract new clients, and keep existing ones returning. To make your promotions effective, put them prominently on your online menu and promote them on social media.

Bakery owners can use online ordering systems to create and manage promotions easily. By offering discounts on sweet treats, bakers can encourage customers to order more often. By using the tried and tested promotions available in online ordering systems, bakers can save time and effort in creating new promotional ideas.


Successful marketing is key to promoting your bakery. There are many different marketing strategies that you can use to reach your target audience and boost sales. It is important to research your options and choose the strategy that makes the most sense for your business. If you put in the time and effort, you can create a marketing campaign to help your bakery thrive.

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