TikTok Marketing: The Hottest Social Media Trend Right Now

TikTok Marketing: The Hottest Social Media Trend Right Now

TikTok for Business, which was released in July, allows businesses to compete through the most sought-after app today. With so many new features aimed at increasing brand engagement, now is the time to explore this new platform and see what it can do for you. 

Despite the addition of more brands to TikTok, competition remains limited. It’s a fantastic chance to be a part of a potentially game-changing platform. 

TikTok Celebrities and Influencers

Influencer marketing is not a novel concept that refers to the practice of paying an Internet influencer with a large following to promote your products. This marketing strategy works well because it appears to be a referral rather than an advertisement, and in turn, builds trust and encourages purchases. 

TikTok’s influencer marketing raises the bar. While Instagram marketing continues to be effective, the platform has become overcrowded with brands attempting to capitalize on it. As a result, more Instagram users are tuning out sponsored posts like they do other forms of advertising. TikTok, on the other hand, is less commonly used by businesses, which retains a stronger personal touch. 

TikTok Advertisements 

TikTok advertisements are a more recent addition. In the advertising space, they put TikTok in direct competition with Snapchat and Instagram. While TikTok advertisements are similar to other paid social media advertisements, marketers should be aware of a few key differences. 

These types of advertisements are In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeovers, TopViews, Branded Hashtag Challenges, and Branded Effects.

Paid TikTok advertisements are significantly more expensive than those on the majority of other social media platforms. While Facebook and Instagram advertising can be as low as $20, TikTok for Business requires a $500 investment. This makes TikTok advertisements more suitable for businesses with larger budgets. 

TikTok In-Feed Advertisements 

TikTok’s in-feed ads are similar to those that appear between Instagram stories. As a user scrolls through their feed, one of these ads will appear. 

One of the most appealing aspects of in-feed advertisements is their ability to masquerade as regular content. You can also include multiple call-to-action buttons and upload videos with complex motion graphics as an alternative. In general, they encourage creativity. 

To advertise on TikTok for business, you must spend at least $500. These are the cheapest TikTok advertisements. 

TikTok Brand Takeovers 

Users are presented with brand takeover advertisements when they open the TikTok app. These advertisements are expensive, but they can reach a sizable portion of TikTok’s user base almost immediately. 

A brand takeover advertisement is an efficient way to raise brand awareness by temporarily eliminating competition. Many businesses, however, are put off by the high cost. 

TikTok TopViews 

After three seconds, TopViews are guaranteed to be the first in-feed ads to be seen. They can also play full-screen videos for up to 60 seconds. 

TikTok Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtag challenges are successful because they are entertaining. They allow users to be more expressive and creative than in-feed or brand takeover ads, forming a valuable connection between your brand and your audience. 

TikTok Branded Effects 

TikTok’s branded effects allow brands to create augmented reality overlays for TikTokers to use in their videos. These can be effective, as with branded hashtag challenges, because they engage the audience. They are, however, prohibitively expensive, with each effect costing $100,000. 

The Diversity of Tiktok 

TikTok is a new social network and a completely new form of online video communication that has a wide set of categories. TikTok, like vinyl records, is resurrecting bite-sized media, and creators must adapt to this new format. This platform easily allows you to try out new ideas that you would not be able to on other platforms. 

In terms of going “viral”, TikTok has also confirmed that, unlike the majority of social media platforms, follower counts have no direct effect on what content appears in your feed. So, in essence, a single video can propel you to overnight success even without a large fan base.


If you want your content to be shared, stay up to date on the latest TikTok trends. This will help you decide which popular songs and effects to include in your content. In the end, no matter how small or how new your business is, the odds are in your favor!

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