Taking Better Photos of Your Food for Social Media – Part 2

Taking Better Photos of Your Food for Social Media – Part 2

Continuing where we left off, we will discuss other helpful ways of taking better photos of your food for social media.

  • Choose the Best Angle

The primary problem with images captured with a smartphone camera is that the angle is usually incorrect. Consequently, your ramen bowl may appear to be sliding across the floor. That’s because the wide-angle lens of most smartphones causes the food to look distorted when shot from certain perspectives.

You may prevent this issue by trying out several angles until you discover the one that works best for you. When photographing food, a 90-degree angle or dead-on is recommended. If you want to look your best, you should avoid the 3/4 angle.

Taking a photo from above is another effective technique comparable to taking flat-lay photos.

Photos taken from above have a flatter depth perception, but more of the scene can be included. For instance, if you’re in a Korean barbecue restaurant and want to snap a picture from above, you may order the grill, the meat, the utensils, the sides, and maybe even the drinks so that you have a complete picture for social media!

  • Keep the Styling Simple

There is an art to food styling, but when photographing your meal, less is usually more.

Even for experts, photographing a complex table arrangement and tablescape is challenging, so keep things simple if you plan to share them on social media. This means your pictures should feature few, if any, props or unnecessary clutter.

Don’t rearrange too many things, or the composition will look cluttered. Make sure the food on your plate(s) is/are the focal point of the shot.

There’s no need for more garnish if the food is already presented attractively on the platter. Try to take a picture that isn’t blurry and shows off the delicious food’s vibrant colors and varied textures.

You can jazz it up by tucking a clean linen tablecloth under the dish or using fancy silverware. Colorful and eye-catching, but otherwise prop-free, are dishes like a bowl of poke or a salad. Chopsticks and a sake cup are unnecessary unless you’re serving a bowl of delicious soba noodles.

  • Zoom In to Capture Details

Take plenty of close-up photographs of the dish you’re photographing. Detail after detail becomes visible upon zooming in. Focus your camera lens on the savory additions to your sushi, such as the roe or the avocado, shrimp, salmon, etc.

Displaying colorful sushi with attention-grabbing embellishments that prove it’s not your average grocery store fare is sure to garner a lot of likes.

More compression in the photo is preferable. This means that you shouldn’t show too much of the plate or the setting in the backdrop. Make the food the star by highlighting its individual components.

  • Don’t Forget about the Human Element

Spending two hours perfecting a Japanese recipe is cause enough to convey how much you appreciate the finished product. Take pictures of you and your friend preparing the hot pot ingredients and use those instead of generic restaurant pictures.

There’s no shame in posing with your meal for the camera.

A close-up of your face while you eat is acceptable but not particularly flattering. However, the finished product will look far more authentic if you reveal your chopstick-holding hand when picking up a sushi roll.

Photos of food on their own can be dull, but adding in short clips of you enjoying the meal can liven things up.


Taking better photos of food for social media is all about using the right tools and techniques, along with a bit of creativity. Using a tripod, adjusting the lighting, and experimenting with different angles can help you take food photos that look professional and stand out. Additionally, you can use editing apps to adjust the color and contrast and add filters and text to your photos.

With a little practice and experimentation, you’ll be able to take stunning photos of your food that will be sure to draw attention and engagement online.

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