How to Start a Social Media Account for Your Business This 2022

How to Start a Social Media Account for Your Business This 2022

In the past, corporations fought for recognizable faces to endorse their brands. We saw a popular singer go up the Statue of Liberty to promote a certain soda. In recent years, we watched a known country singer encourage people to get vaccinated. The latter was uploaded on various social media and shared by millions.

The latter example may lead some people to ask if digital marketing is the way to the future. It is, but it has not replaced tradition (yet). Like any corporate endeavor, you must think about things thoroughly. Starting an account merely for the sake of not being left behind may harm your business.

With this said, you might have several questions in mind. What is wrong with creating a social media account when everyone is doing it? Do I need to hire a creative agency? To make things easier, take the time to carefully read this article.

Baby Steps

Many entrepreneurs start rolling out advertisements in their social media account for the sake of not being left behind. As mentioned, doing this will do a lot of harm to your business. You must create a concrete plan when doing this.

Do I need a creative agency for this? That course of action may be the best idea. But at this point, you merely need to establish a goal and how to achieve this.

Let us say that you are into interior design. You might immediately think of creating a Facebook profile for your business. But have you considered using Instagram or Pinterest? You might even tap in all three platforms.

You might be hesitant to take on all three social media platforms because of your limited workforce. You might not have the budget to hire a creative agency yet, so you assign this project to your in-house marketing team. Doing this is way better than rushing things. Your baby steps will guarantee more tangible results than merely creating a social media account for your business with no goals.

Consistent Brand Image

The ideal course of action is to hire a creative agency to help you with this project. They can help you present a consistent brand image to the public, especially your target market. But at this point, you can plan what to do. 

An ad hoc action in social media, without a message or brand image, will not give you long-term results. Sure, it can catch the attention of some people. But doing this will not convert them into paying customers. It certainly will not make them into loyal patrons.

You must also consider the possibility that you will present an inconsistent message to the public because you do not have a concrete plan. A creative agency will help your company highlight its values consistently and attractively. They will refine your communication and business goals to achieve better results.


Yes, social media as a tool for digital marketing is indeed the future for companies. But if you do not have a concrete plan, tapping into this powerful platform will backfire. To avoid this costly mistake, you must strategize your every move.

Reach out to CCG to help you come up with an effective strategy. As the premier creative agency in California, we can convert those plans into lucrative online campaigns. Call us now to get started. 

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