Why Social Media Strategies Fail: 5 Reasons You Need to Know

Why Social Media Strategies Fail: 5 Reasons You Need to Know

Accessing social media is how 68 percent of consumers interact with brands and companies. This is because various platforms empower dialogue and provide consumers unique opportunities to engage with brands. However, social media plans implemented by more than 90 percent of businesses are doomed from the start.

We live in a digital world where almost every company has a social media presence. However, having a presence on various social media platforms does not guarantee success online.

Many followers, fans, and likes also do not spell immediate success. Instead, it’s positive engagement resulting in ROI that indicates the success of effective social media strategies.

Here are five reasons you need to know why social media strategies fail so you can avoid them:

1. Your Social Media Plan Has No Focus

A successful social media strategy is focused and targeted. You can’t just plan a strategy without an audience in mind and a clear goal. Moreover, you need to develop a way to track success concerning this particular audience.

Before you go crazy posting on every social media platform in your reach, take the time to define your ideal audience. Only then will you have a social media marketing plan with a high success rate.

2. Your Posts Are Irrelevant and Disruptive

Have you ever published content on social media, only to discover that it doesn’t give value to your target audience?

Sadly, this is a common thing among many businesses out there. They come up with posts that will garner more likes and retweets. However, all these posts irritate people who don’t want to see them.

Whenever you post on social media, make sure it’s worth reading. Your posts should be relevant to your target audience, and it should add value to the people who see it.

3. You Don’t Engage with Your Audience

Social media needs to be a conversation, not a broadcast. You can’t just have a social media presence and expect people to like your brand. Constant engagement with people is a must. This involves answering their questions, comments, and concerns.

The moment you stop engaging with people is when your social media strategy will fail.

4. You’re Only Promoting Your Products

Are there times when you share a video or picture of your products and get so excited that you forget to add your business name?

If you have, then you’re guilty of promoting your products at the expense of your business. It is best to promote your products, but you should not forget about your brand. Otherwise, you’ll be treated as the company that only wants to sell and nothing more if you do.

5. You Don’t Have a Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Without a social media monitoring strategy, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not. Additionally, the lack of social media monitoring tools prevents you from understanding how effective your campaigns are.

Practical tools, like built in analytics or social media listening tools, allow you to track your results and adjust campaigns for maximized engagements and returns. It is recommended that you use a mix of digital aids to cover all the aspects of your marketing campaigns.


Social media marketing is no longer optional. If your company doesn’t have a social media presence, it’s already too late. Your marketing efforts have to be diverse, and you have to use every possible platform.

However, if your company has a social media marketing plan that fails to produce positive results, then you surely have some room for improvement. If you’d like to know how to set up a social media marketing plan that’s right for your business, then leave us your comments below.

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