Which Social Media Platforms to Use as an Interior Designer

Which Social Media Platforms to Use as an Interior Designer

Around 295 million people in the United States are reported to use social media. This large customer base, together with the ease and cost-effectiveness of distributing on social networking sites, made social media marketing an invaluable tool for businesses today. In fact, even interior designers benefit from it.

Like most businesses and professionals, interior designers benefit from using social media as a marketing tool. Some of these advantages include brand awareness, increased customer bookings, lead generation, lead conversion, and more. But to experience these benefits, designers should know which platforms to use.

Many social media networking platforms are out there, and signing up for every one of them and managing them regularly are inefficient, near-impossible tasks. Here are platforms you should consider using to harness the full power of social media as an interior designer.


Instagram is one of the largest social media sites with over 1.2 billion users globally. Most users on the site are young adults; there is a large percentage of females, at 52 percent, while 47 percent are male.

One of the best ways to reach an audience with this platform is through images and, more recently, short- and long-form videos. Most interior designers on Instagram publish before and after project photos. Others like sharing short floor plan designing videos that bring people into the creative interior designing process.


Facebook was initially developed to connect people with others they know. However, as the platform grew and businesses recognized its value, Facebook added business profiles to streamline how companies reach active users. Business profiles allow them to connect with clients as a brand.

For interior designers, putting out content and responding to clients under their firm’s name is beneficial for brand awareness. Connecting with people using a non-business profile can be seen as an effort to relate with clients better. However, using a business profile to interact with the audience can create a more professional atmosphere while encouraging brand loyalty.


Pinterest is a social networking site that is great for leading others to online images of inspiration. As a collage-based image-sorting network, Pinterest popularly arranges visual material in a stream of “inspiration” that leads the viewer to websites to retrieve the original images.

This is incredibly useful for interior designers who can use Pinterest to store and share their favorite images. Additionally, the site’s “pinstripes” algorithm does an excellent job at curating images into specialized categories you can find with little effort. 


TikTok is a social media platform that lets users create and publish short-form videos. This simple app has quickly become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.

Most interior designers on it create short videos featuring design tips and tricks. Some showcase short, sped-up videos of room designing from beginning to end, while others participate in trends while adding a unique interior design twist. An example of this is using a popular sound as background music to their usual content.


LinkedIn is unique among the social media sites primarily used to build a professional network. It is a business networking platform that attempts to change the way people connect for work-related networking.

Using LinkedIn, designers can showcase their credentials, connect with potential clients, and find leads. They can even utilize the site to create meaningful business connections with contractors, suppliers, and other interior designers.


Social media is a popular and advantageous marketing strategy for interior designers. It’s a great tool you can use to reach new customers, keep in touch with existing ones, improve brand awareness, boost your bottom line, and more.

However, if you are not confident in managing your social media accounts, don’t worry. You can team up with a reliable social media marketing agency to help you manage and grow your accounts.

CCG is a digital creative agency in California that provides excellent social media marketing solutions. Regardless of whether you need assistance managing your existing accounts or starting one for the first time, our experienced and tech-savvy social media team is at your service. Contact us today!

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