8 Social Media Marketing Tips Bakeries Must Consider in 2023

8 Social Media Marketing Tips Bakeries Must Consider in 2023

There’s nothing more rewarding than opening a new bakery in your locality. It’s a profitable way to share your creative food ideas. These shops also let you connect with your community while keeping the passion for baking alive. 

However, being a successful entrepreneur goes beyond selling unique goods. You should also have a social media marketing strategy to attract new customers, engage with new ones, establish loyalty, and connect with vendors. These channels are also especially crucial because 302.25 Americans use social media. 

This article will explain the significance of these digital platforms and how bakeries can implement a successful social media marketing strategy.

Why Bakeries Need Social Media Platforms

Not actively using social media means not maximizing a vast potential customer base. Experts stated that many people learn about cake shops, bakeries, and other food outlets through social media. To gain better visibility and increase sales, bakeries and restaurants must implement social media marketing strategies into their advertising efforts. 

8 Crucial Tips to Implement in Your Online Strategy

After discussing the significance of social media platforms, here are eight marketing tips you should add to your online advertising efforts. 

1. Create a Unique Online Profile 

Your online profile is one of the first things potential customers notice when they search for your business online. You should ensure your profile has all the relevant and accurate information, like your address, opening hours, contact details, website, and discounts or promotions. 

In this social media marketing strategy, you should also consider what channels you should use. Instagram and Twitter allow for a limited amount of bio information, while Facebook lets you provide more in-depth information like opening hours and preferred visiting times. 

2. Develop a Social Media Posting Strategy

Creating content is essential for your social media marketing strategy because it helps you reach more customers and maintain a memorable presence. You can gain more online visibility by creating and sticking to a plan. You can also work with a reputable agency to improve social media content. 

3. Upload Amazing Photographs

You can increase your sales by frequently posting quality images and videos. You should also use design tools and editors to enhance your content’s value. Moreover, use Canva, InVideo, Doodly, and IqHashtags to create content and manage your social media accounts. 

4. Post Recipes to Engage Customers

Uploading recipes is a great way to engage potential and existing customers and build trust. You can also pique your audience’s interest in your company and keep them entertained by posting quality information about baking and other relevant topics. 

5. Launch a Google My Business Profile

Opening a Google My Business account is an essential social media marketing strategy for local businesses like bakeries. It’s a free service that lets you register your location on Google Maps, share pictures of your establishment, and get customer reviews. 

6. Engage in Conversations and Listen to the Audience

Social media helps you understand customer opinions and preferences because you can use it to determine if your latest products are popular, start conversations, and build meaningful customer relationships. 

7. Offer Freebies and Incentives 

While gaining profits are essential in your social media marketing efforts, you can get more customers by offering free goods or services. You can also show customer appreciation and build trust by giving prizes or samples. 

8. Evaluate the Campaign 

You can maximize your social media efforts for your bakery by tracking your progress and adjusting the strategy accordingly. You can also work with a reputable social media marketing agency if you don’t have the time. 


Bakeries must have a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to reach more buyers and retain the existing ones. Your food business can rise above competitors by using the right tools and working with a reputable agency. 

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