Snapchat’s AR Developments That Businesses Should Watch Out For

Snapchat’s AR Developments That Businesses Should Watch Out For

It’s crazy how social media platforms started revolutionizing the way we communicate with other people worldwide. But what’s crazier is the idea that we didn’t think those platforms will take the innovations too seriously and that they can become competitive platforms for businesses. 

From being a versatile messaging platform to video chats, social media platforms extended their functionality by sharing photos, videos, integrating filters, and now, applying augmented reality (AR). The recent Snapchat Partner Summit unveils the development of their AR technology. 

In this blog, we will discuss Snapchat’s AR developments so digital marketers can understand why they should watch out for it. 

Fourth-Generation Spectacles

There are many reasons why young adults are hooked on Snapchat. Aside from unique filters, Snapchat never stops improving its AR technology. Today, Snapchat boasts of its fourth-generation spectacles. Recording and producing content has never been easier for individuals, businesses, corporations, and content creation agencies.

This newest version of the spectacles has two front-facing cameras, allowing the device to identify the natural environment without distorting the background. It also improves the way the device naturally incorporates the 3D display into the real world. Aside from the cameras, these specs also have built-in microphones for audio recording and voice commands. It also has a built-in touchpad so a user can easily switch between effects.

Now the question is, how can your business benefit from this new technology? The truth is that augmented reality is by far the best alternative for your customers to interact with your brand. Consumers have incorporated AR into their lives through games and educational apps. By mixing the right strategy with Snapchat’s new AR-enabled specs, your business can move steps ahead of your competition. 

Unfortunately, Snapchat’s fourth-generation spectacles aren’t yet available for the global market. For now, they have been given to a few anonymous content creators for testing and troubleshooting. 

AR Try-on Tech

How many people do you know who have been frustrated by their online purchases? Local lockdown protocols have made people more comfortable ordering online, but that’s because it’s currently the safest option. However, this does not mean that they trust the process completely. Buying items on-site is always more reliable because you get to touch, hold, and even try them on before deciding to buy them. The tangible elements and experience in-store will likely always be unbeatable. 

This is one of the problems that Snapchat marketing wants to solve. AR try-on technology allows users to browse an item through voice commands and digital fittings. Through motion detectors, a shopper can also switch options easily just by swiping. The try-on tech also has a Dynamic Shopping Lenses feature that lets brand owners add stocks in real-time. This can save the buyers from frustration if their target purchase is out of stock. 

Even brand owners know how it is frustrating to wait for a limited item only to end up on an “out of stock” page. Snapchat’s AR try-on tech will make the buyers more comfortable purchasing their clothes online and reduce product returns. 


Snapchat began as the platform for cute animal filters, but it continuously improves in functionality and use. Today, Snapchat is a fantastic option for business owners and content creators to explore the natural and digital world simultaneously. AR technology is the future, and Snapchat is a company that’s making significant strides.

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