Secrets Unique Social Media Influencers Keep from You

Secrets Unique Social Media Influencers Keep from You

After consumers turned their attention away from regular television to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, brands have begun relying more on non-traditional media like social media. 

One of the most common ways brands recruit non-traditional influencers is to put them in touch with celebrities. For example, singer and actress Selena Gomez has worked with brands such as Pantene and Adidas. They may not seem like companies a creative agency in California may connect to a celebrity from that industry, but it works because of the person’s public appeal.

Perhaps the best example of non-traditional influencers are the Kardashians: they can use their popularity on Snapchat or Instagram to advertise products to their followers! Through their platforms and following, they can promote brands easily!

However, one does not need to be a celebrity to become a social media personality with these new developments. They only need to learn these secrets that non-traditional influencers keep from the general public:

Secret 1: Find the Synergy

The key to effective influencer marketing is creating a partnership with content creators who resonate with your brand’s audience and share your values. Missguided, an online clothing retailer for young women, has a target audience that is incredibly active on social media. 

Therefore, the eighty-nine-year-old Instagram star from Kentucky and her fanbase were not the first choices for a collaboration. You might be forgiven for not thinking that Baddie’s followers, all millennials, would appreciate Missguided’s party campaign,  showcasing Baddie in ways they would not expect to see any eighty-nine-year-old woman act. 

Nonetheless, the campaign was highly effective. It reinvigorated the Missguided brand, empowering and liberating women by encouraging them to “Wear whatever you like and be whoever you want; ignore the basics and always, always stay wild.”

Secret 2: Entertain Your Followers

Influencers don’t need to be photogenic or appealing to the public to amass a following. Many influencers are only sources of entertainment. In fact, many aren’t even human.

One representative example is a cat who gained internet stardom because their owner shared their photos online. The owner shared a screenshot of reality TV star Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

The meme featuring Armstrong and the cat became so viral that the cat acquired their own Instagram account. Although the profile was created for promotional purposes, it has become a source for memes and products featuring the famous cat. 

Another famous influencer, BatDad, is precisely whom one would expect to be: a dad who wears a Batman mask. His real name is Blake, and his specialty is telling dad jokes, which results in funny, family-friendly content. Blake creates short videos that often feature a subset of his children, wife, and other family members.

Any creative agency should consider these examples for their next marketing campaign.

Secret 3: Go the Controversial or Sensational Route

If all else fails, nothing draws more attention than controversy or sensation. Picking a male to front women’s wear does not seem like a first choice, but Jaden Smith was perfect for Louis Vuitton’s 2016 womenswear ad campaign. 

He was selected as one who transcended gender. As genderless fashion became a big trend, the campaign received global coverage, with The New York Times calling him “The New Man in a Skirt.”

The Last Tip

As we close, this final trick ties in everything we’ve discussed together in a neat, little social media bow: get creative. Think outside the box. Marketing is about finding different angles to promote and get your products across to your target audience. Use these secrets to boost your reach and increase sales the way A-list celebrities do.

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