Rebranding With Creative Agencies and Social Media

Rebranding With Creative Agencies and Social Media

Businesses would go to great lengths to more often than not put their brands out in the open. For those who have the budget, they would do over-the-top measures such as a viral marketing campaign. These businesses rely on more conventional ways to get their brands out. These traditional methods include enlisting creative agencies and social media.

People are more often than not confused about social media content, if not due to the volume of content they’re exposed to daily. Nowadays, social media campaigns by brands are more likely to be attributed to digital marketing agencies instead of creative agencies. 

For this reason, it’s essential to take note of several pointers so that marketing work will be practical—but what exactly are those? In this article, we’ll shed light on the matter. Read on below to learn more.

Branding Guidelines

For a creative agency, branding should be prioritized. For more effective branding, the agency should create guidelines that will dictate how materials should be made, which helps establish brand identity.

As for social media branding, there are several factors to consider to be effective as well. These include the logo, placements of elements, colors to use, and the font, to name a few. If there is an already established brand identity, it must be integrated into the social media material.

Additionally, there are other guidelines to follow, such as the art direction and other measures that you must take so that your social media advertisement stays on-brand. To make things easier, creative teams often use mood boards, like visual materials, that will allow you to create an art direction of your own.

Dealing with Campaigns

Branding campaigns mean that word about your brand must spread like wildfire, and the best way to do that is through social media.

For rebranding campaigns, many brands often enlist the help of a creative agency. The most prominent rebranding measure among many brands is a logo redesign. This can also be beneficial in the long run because times constantly change, and your brand must do so as well.

Through extensive research and market analysis, a creative agency will be the one that’s best equipped to handle a brand’s changing needs.

Social Media Overhaul

Of course, all the effort you put into making creative content is wasted if your social media page needs improvements. If they see quality visuals and smooth navigation on your social media page, they’re more likely to keep an eye on your brand or even invest in your products or services in the future.

How do you do this? Well, representation matters for your brand. Your social media page must present various information and visual elements that reinforce your brand’s identity.

Additionally, you must also have an “About Us’” page. This can be helpful, especially if a person is interested to know more about the brand and what you do. Your ‘About Us’ page can present various information, such as how your business started. Like the rest of your social media page, it must also contain visual elements part of your brand’s identity.

A Touch on Strategy

For creative agencies, it’s essential to think in a broader sense to communicate what a brand is trying to convey. Regardless of marketing materials, it applies to both a logo and a campaign.


A brand undertaking a rebranding process must work with a creative agency to make things easier for them. Additionally, they must also create guidelines that will help with the rebranding process. Just make sure to prioritize brand identity so that the audience, both old and new, can understand what you’re trying to say.

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