5 Ways to Generate Buzz For A Product Launch on Social Media

5 Ways to Generate Buzz For A Product Launch on Social Media

Do you know what a successful social media product launch looks like? If you don’t, then now is the time to find out.

Because regardless of what you’re offering, current figures show that consumers are increasingly using social media to discover new products. It’s no surprise that social media is becoming a more popular route for product discovery.

Aside from being scalable yet cost-effective, there’s a lot of creative freedom on social media and several ways to communicate with clients.  

Even yet, product introductions may be life-or-death situations. This is true on social media, where it’s easy for your business’ announcements to get lost in the flow.

That is why it is vital to understand how to stand out from the crowd. No worries, like this post will emphasize how to make the most of your next product launch and where to find a social media agency in Los Angeles. 

Create Videos

Because of its visual stimulation, videos have a greater effect than textual material. 

Videos can be used as mini-advertisement, behind-the-scenes footage, stop-motion animation, or explanatory product videos.

Such videos will keep people engaged long after the product is introduced. Regardless of its nature, a video may pique your audience’s interest.

Take, for example, the legendary Dollar Shave Club commercial, one of the finest instances of viral advertising. It was made for only $4,500 by the corporation.

Within 48 hours of its publication, they had received approximately 12,000 orders. This is the type of reaction you get when you post a video on YouTube. It’s also an illustration of how the concept is more important than money.

Don’t Disclose Too Many Details 

Marketers sometimes get carried away and provide too much information before a product launch. But what’s the big revelation then?

Create a sense of expectation and mystery about what your product offers. Drop clues, build anticipation, but make sure there’s some intriguing “reserved” material for the real social media debut.

Get Right to The Point

Before and after customers make a purchase, the tone of your marketing must be engaging. Include sentences that are simple to read and stick in people’s minds. 

Make sure your marketing is clear so that people understand what the new product is. You may provide short landing page links, brief product descriptions, and polite reminders in your social media text.

Reach Out to Influencers

Find users who are well-known in your profession and cultivate ties with them. Their fans will positively welcome the stuff they provide due to their popularity. 

When people spread the word about your products, your reputation rises due to the relationship. Your efforts will be multiplied if you reach out to influencers.

For instance, Reebok India sought to enhance their company’s motto #FitnessIsForEveryone. So, it collaborated with Chetan Bhagat, an acclaimed author in India, for its campaign “Reboot 100.” 

The campaign involved a 100-day physical transformation program where a trainer devised the food and exercise regimen. Bhagat stuck to his strategy and updated his fans on his progress while marketing the brand.

Organize Competitions

Every product’s primary goal is to generate excitement before its release. The best way to accomplish that is to have competitions. Contests are often entertaining, and people are more likely to remember your brand.

So, think of a contest that is related to your product. For example, if your company sells workout equipment, the challenge may be, “How many pushups can you perform in a minute?” Fitness buffs would be ecstatic to take part.

If you need more time developing and managing your social media strategies, seek a social media management agency in LA. 


Make sure to concentrate your attention on the tactics that will bring you the most profit from your social media marketing in Los Angeles. Also, keep in mind that social networking requires time and effort. Be persistent, provide high-quality material, and make sure all your social media dos and don’ts are crossed. In no time, you’ll see an increase in your following.

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