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Lasting Impact & Awareness

Lasting Impact & Awareness


Fuck Cancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to detecting and preventing cancer and providing a meaningful support system. Since 2009, more than $2 million has been raised toward cancer research and digital tools. Additionally, Fuck Cancer has fostered a supportive community that hosts events and provides a unique bonding experience for those affected by cancer.

CCG was thrilled to take charge of a streamlined digital branding effort and website overhaul. The challenge? Rebranding an already established and growing brand is difficult. Doing this knowing that the logo will be the prominent icon for the brand being seen by millions of people each month: even more challenging.

We looked deep into their business model to analyze ways to drive more fan engagement, celebrity involvement, sales opportunities, event integrations and brand awareness. Our changes in design, messaging, and awareness resulted in a new website that has driven merchandise sales, donations and event signups. The redesigned logo has not only been prominently showcased by major celebrities, it has even been tattooed on fans bodies!

Through innovative branding, a comprehensive web and mobile redesign, and unique content creation, CCG transformed Fuck Cancer’s web presence and dramatically increased brand awareness, reach, and impact. Partnering with non-profit and charitable foundations will always be a pillar of what CCG strives to achieve. Fuck Cancer provided another lasting opportunity to embody the ideals of “corporate social responsibility.”


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