6 Steps to Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

6 Steps to Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are people on their screens now more than ever, and it’s something businesses can use to their own advantage. There’s no shortage of social media platforms with millions of users, with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok racking up big numbers.

However, utilizing social media will need some planning to ensure optimal success that’ll boost your brand and increase sales. Here are the six main steps that will enable you to have an effective social media marketing strategy. 

Identify Your Goals

It’s good to set both short- and long-term goals to have a clear picture of how your business is positioned on a platform. Some brands are simply hoping to create a big follower base and increase social media presence, while others are just aiming to get great content out there that can be beneficial to their SEO and overall business growth. 

The direction of your digital marketing plan will depend on the business’ wants and needs. Once you’ve identified your objectives, it’ll be much easier to choose what tips and techniques you’d like to prioritize implementing on your social media profiles. 

Observe Competitors

It’s likely that other rival businesses that your brand is competing with are in the same social media space you are in. It’s key to analyze how that brand is currently doing and whether its social media metrics are high. Likes, comments, and shares are pretty indicative of whether a post is working in a business’s favor.

Know Your Audience

Aside from observing the competition, it’s also essential to observe your audience. Even if you haven’t built a following, checking what your prospects like and dislike will make it easier for your business to connect with them and create things they would like. It’ll also give you a sense of how you can do your social media advertising in the future. 

Start Making Content

The core of social media is probably the content being posted on it. Everything is circulated and shared around networks of people as everyone is constantly talking about something. Having your business create your own content and media may not translate to a viral thing right away, but it’ll undoubtedly expand your network a lot more.

Remember to create a mix of texts, photos, and videos when posting your content to appeal to viewers who consume media in different ways. And when it comes down to it, focus on value and quality more than quantity. 

Engage on Social Media

Social media engagement doesn’t just go one way. As a business, you can use your profile to comment back to people and message some of your audience. This can be a catalyst that turns your brand’s network into its own community, where customers will feel more inclined to patronize the business because they are valued and heard.

Check Your Analytics

As you go head first into your social media marketing strategy, don’t forget to check your analytics to see how well your business is doing on social media. Positive or negative numbers will let you know whether the performance of your profile should be improved or maintained. Keep track of which posts are doing well, too to assess what’s really appealing to customers.


Taking notes of these tips can help your social media marketing strategy be strong from the very beginning and give you an edge over competitors. Over time, you’ll see these plans bear fruit as social media followers and users convert into actual customers.

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