How Being Active on Pinterest Helps Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Being Active on Pinterest Helps Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Pinterest is one of the most effective social platforms for product knowledge and shopping inspiration. People mainly use it in the fashion and beauty, home decor and design, or hospitality and food industries. 

Organic Expansion to Pinterest

You need a unique strategy for distributing your content on Pinterest that follows particular rules often applied to other social networks. Although the audience has grown more quickly than most other social networks, the audience does not experience the overwhelming influx of content on Instagram or Facebook.

If an active Instagram user were to share ten pieces of content a day, the audience following this user account would become overwhelmed, resulting in disinterest and annoyance towards the brand. Because an overload of content on Pinterest is unlikely to occur, brands can be assured that the content shared will have at least some impact on the audience.

By distributing high-quality content regularly to your target audience, you’ll better enable your brand to stand out amongst the masses and help to build credibility in your industry.

Read the ideas below to get you started and entice potential buyers rather than annoy them with marketing speak:

1. Create a Business Account

Create a business account rather than a personal account and use the business name as your username. This will increase trust and make it easier for your following to find your business. Your business account will also have access to additional features, such as the ability to create a custom link with your Pinterest profile.

2. Pin High-Quality, On-Brand Content

The quality of your pins is essential. Before pinning, always think about what you want to say and how you want to present it. This can significantly impact how your brand is perceived and how your business grows.

There are many different ways to categorize your content and the way you share it with your followers. If you have a special offer promoting, share a pin that tells your followers about the offer. If you have an article or blog post from your website, pin a post picture and add the link underneath it.

3. Showcase Your Products through Pins and Images

If your company sells products, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase them through pins and images. On Pinterest, it’s important to balance the images you share and the text, so think about the ratio of text to visual elements. If your pins include a lot of text, they might seem overwhelming.

4. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags for company or product names helps give your pins exposure. This can help your pins reach new audiences, especially with other techniques. Try not to overuse hashtags and to use them sparingly. Using as many as 20 hashtags can send your audience looking for another brand to follow.

5. Link to Your Website

Include a link to your website on each pin you share. The link should be located below the image. The link should be surrounded by brackets, such as [Website Name].


Pinterest is a great way to expand your social media audience by sharing high-quality content with people looking for images, product ideas, and other visual stimuli. Your brand can flourish by planning your content correctly and creating high-quality pins that stand out amongst the crowd.

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