Why Motion Graphics Are Necessary When It Comes to Marketing

Why Motion Graphics Are Necessary When It Comes to Marketing

Motion graphics are simply animated videos that often use GIF animations. One example you might be familiar with is Tumblr GIFs, or GIFs in general. These graphics or videos can be formatted with animations in either 2D or 3D format. Animated videos generally include audio and sound effects, voiceover technology and end up incorporating 360-degree video technology. It’s often alongside platforms that are either AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality).

Motion Graphics

Daily life involves motion graphics every day: all the brand videos you come across. It also involves:

  • Icons
  • Instructional videos
  • Logos
  • Presentations
  • Product demos
  • Short films
  • UI (user interface) animations

Motion Graphics are Necessary For Marketing because Content Gets Value Added

Using motion graphics adds value to presentations because graphics are a visual medium that tells the audience your story. An audience is more likely to remember visuals instead of text. So even if you come out with a printed research journal that’s precise, thoroughly detailed and downright impressive, making use of visuals with motion graphics is key.

The use of motion graphics helps to generate content that engages the audience and helps you to communicate your point more effectively. The end result is a more attractive and cohesive presentation that is more likely to catch (and retain) the attention of your audience.

Motion Graphics are Necessary For Marketing To Break Communication Barriers

Lingual barriers in digital communication are likely since online content is largely produced in one language. If you can communicate in your customer’s language, it will allow for the information transfer process to move at a faster pace. 

Thanks to motion graphics, videos in multiple languages can meet regional needs easily. That’s usually a matter of voiceover and yet changes. A prime example of this is subtitles.

Motion Graphics are Necessary For Marketing To Create Brand Awareness

As a marketer, you need to create a strong brand identity and awareness. If consumers follow your brand identity across the marketing funnel, you will be able to increase sales without making lots of updates to your product. 

Motion graphics allow your audience to connect more easily to your message. That way, the audience can be more encouraged to draw connections and links to the brand through animations and/or colour schemes for brand image representation.

Motion Graphics are Necessary For Marketing To Sell the Story

Marketing your product or brand requires a clear and straightforward way to tell your story. Animated tools like charts, graphs, and the like can explain a complex concept or service better than written words alone can. Graphic storytelling uses powerful metaphors and examples to convey an idea in a way that can be understood by the viewer. 

This kind of presentation allows for data to be highlighted, focusing on accomplishments and subconsciously generating an impact on the audience’s opinion of your brand.


Motion graphics, put simply, are animated videos typically making use of GIF animations. These video graphics can be formatted in 2D or 3D. It’s necessary to use motion graphics in marketing for breaking communication barriers, selling the story and adding value to content.

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