6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Social Media Marketing

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Social Media Marketing

You may have praise after praise about social media being an excellent place to market one’s business from. While that is definitely true, this doesn’t mean that you will be successful just because you’re there. In fact, many companies have tried social media marketing and failed. Why? Because they have no idea what to do in the first place! As a result of not knowing what to do on social media, they create many mistakes that heavily hurt their efforts.

Want to avoid the same fate with your social media marketing efforts? If so, here are the social media marketing mistakes you should avoid at all costs:

Mistake 1. Forgetting to Track Your Audience

One of the most important things to do in every marketing campaign is to track your audience’s behavior. If you can’t track your audience, how can you know what’s working and what isn’t? In fact, even if you know what’s working, you won’t be able to replicate your success if you can’t track your audience.

Mistake 2. Ignoring Real-Time Data

In social media, there are things called real-time data, data that only exists for a brief period of time. When you’re using social media for marketing purposes, this data can reveal the most about your audience, and it can even reveal things you don’t know about that audience. You should take advantage of this information as much as you can because it will definitely help you improve your marketing strategy.

Mistake 3. Not Doing Brand Monitoring

Never forget to do brand monitoring! If you just have a business account on social media, and that’s it, you’re going to miss out on important opportunities. Take advantage of brand monitoring because it gives you a more accurate way of tracking your content and your competition.

Mistake 4. Not Having a Social Media Content Strategy

One of the worst things to do is to create social media content without a strategy. Without a strategy in place, you’ll just be stuck creating a bunch of random content that doesn’t necessarily serve your needs.

Mistake 5. Doing Social Media in a Boring Way

This is a mistake many people fall for. Social media can be a very fun and creative place. Many people don’t realize that. As a result, they tend to use it in a pretty boring way. If your social media strategy is boring, you’re going to end up with boring results.

Mistake 6. Not Being Engaged

Social media is all about engagement. If your social media strategy doesn’t allow you to be engaged, nor does it allow your audience to engage with you, you’re not going to reach your audience. They’ll see your content and simply click away without a second thought, and that’s something you never want your social media marketing efforts to result in.


Put simply, while social media marketing is incredibly effective, social media marketing is not easy. You need to have a good strategy in place for you to be able to achieve success. So, spend the time and effort to come up with a good strategy. Also, be sure to avoid the above mistakes. In doing so, you’ll be on your way to achieving social media marketing success!

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