5 Logo Design Trends That Will Set the Pace for 2022

5 Logo Design Trends That Will Set the Pace for 2022

Does your business need a brand new logo? Understanding swings in logo design trends may help you produce a design with a modern touch, whether you’re beginning from scratch or simply updating your brand.

The concept of logo design is to create something unique and straightforward. With so many new websites, brands, and enterprises appearing virtually every day, it’s no surprise that logos designs are striving to achieve a more distinct look.

Here’s a look at some logo design trends for 2022 and how you can make them work for you.

1. Animated Logos are Still IN

Animated logos are becoming more popular on websites. Many businesses are animating current logos or developing newer, more modern animated versions.

The beauty of an animated logo is that it makes you look. Consider most web layouts where logos are situated on the upper left corner of the page. Do you even bother looking at them anymore?

Animated logos use motion to break up the monotony of this design pattern, practically forcing you to glance at the logo. However, it’s essential to avoid too much movement and risk the logo’s visibility. Lastly, ensure to create your animated logos in color and one-color options to maintain a minimalist theme.

2. Merging and Combining Letters

Merging letters allows the company to produce a more distinct and eye-catching logo. It’s one of the best-predicted trends for 2022 since it gives marketers creative flexibility to entice their audience while remaining on-brand.

Font design and selection are essential factors in determining the brand’s look. Furthermore, combining letters sends a powerful message about brand image and produces excellent recall in your target market, giving your brand a better chance of staying involved in the long run. 

It takes a lot of ingenuity to establish the right balance of simplicity and originality in a letter merging logo, making this technique a mainstay for next year’s logo trends.

3. Brush Strokes

Brushstroke is also expected to become one of the most well-known techniques for creating visually-appealing yet straightforward logos. Brushstrokes are often created using digital paint software. 

Numerous creative designers have concentrated on creating brush stroke logos for various businesses and enterprises in recent years. As a result, this style is expected to be part of the top logo design trends for 2022.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t only a logo design trend for 2022; it’s also a fantastic option for incorporating various styles. A minimalist logo’s success is built on three pillars: functionality, comfort, and beauty.

If you follow a logical order, design navigation will be straightforward and sequential. A designer should be able to emphasize important information accurately without overdoing the details.

Another advantage of this trend is its ability to let users relax. Today, most web visitors are overwhelmed by the information and details they come across online. A simple, minimalist design alleviates user stress and makes them more likely to interact with your brand.

5. Typography

Typography may become even more popular in 2022 than it is now. More brands are eventually choosing solely typographic logos because of the use of high-quality fonts in the logos of many websites and companies and the audience’s reasonable response to this design trend. 

The essential advantage of adopting typography is that it produces a consistent impression of the brand’s logo using letters. In addition to this, there are several internet tools for companies to consult and reference for their designs.


It can be tricky to forecast what will become trendy in the field of graphic design. However, some ideas and concepts constantly remain relevant owing to their flexibility and ingenuity. So, as long as you keep them in mind, you’ll have no trouble responding to the industry’s rapid changes.

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