Marketing Trends: Is TikTok Marketing Right for You?

Marketing Trends: Is TikTok Marketing Right for You?

There seems to be no stopping TikTok’s popularity, even competing against social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Although it’s a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube, its unique format makes it more accessible and preferred by modern-day online users. Thanks to its appeal as the most downloaded app of 2020, many businesses are considering if it’s a viable marketing channel for their digital marketing campaigns.

The Rise of TikTok

The first TiKTokers were the demographic left behind when users of Vine, another video-sharing platform, shut down back in 2017. Since both networks focused on micro-videos, the transition required little to no adjustment, allowing people with huge followings in Vine to maintain their momentum and success in TikTok.

The content found on TikTok caters to short video clips, mostly lip-sync videos, viral dance trends, comedy sketches, and more. Recently, people have used it similar to Instagram Stories but with greater effect. People are now using it to showcase a series of videos with varying intentions, from sharing educational content beyond the typical entertainment pieces. This is why it’s becoming a much more versatile platform than initially intended.

The Basics of TikTok Content

TikTok videos typically last up to 15 seconds. However, it’s possible to create a string of connected content to reach up to 60 seconds. Content creators can apply various effects, filters, and background music through the app as long as it doesn’t step against copyright laws. This is why its micro-video format works against potential DMCA takedowns and copyright strikes.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, users on the platform can like, comment, and share these videos within the network or other sharing methods. It also follows a rating system that can be difficult to break if you’re unaware of its algorithmic processes.

The Opportunities in TikTok Marketing

Should your business utilize TikTok for its marketing campaign? The answer will vary from case to case. While its advertising marketing is far from being as saturated as Facebook and YouTube, there’s still a great way to develop your reach through its network. Partnerships with content creators are an excellent way to apply influencer marketing strategies through TikTok. This makes it possible to reach niche audiences by dealing directly with an ad-hosting plan through the platform itself.

The Longevity of Viral Content

Trend culture in TikTok follows the same format as other social media platforms. Through the “Discover” tab, users can check trending hashtags related to different challenges. This is how brands usually interject themselves into the latest trending videos. While it’s a great opportunity to ride these waves, it’s important to determine the longevity of viral videos.

TikTok content that gathers thousands of likes in a day may not be seen again in the next. This is why it’s vital to be mindful of your video’s intent and purpose. While it’s easy to fall into the silly and absurd skits found in TikTok, brands need to tread carefully to avoid going viral for the wrong reasons.


With the massive user base of TikTok and its consistent growth over the past few months, it’s undeniable that it can be a ripe platform for marketing opportunities. However, like any marketing channel, it’s vital to master its different features and formats before considering it in your marketing efforts. Thankfully, you can entrust the planning and execution of your campaigns with learned experts in the field.

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