5 Ways Instagram Stories Can Be Valuable for Your Business

5 Ways Instagram Stories Can Be Valuable for Your Business

Using Instagram in your business’s social media strategy is a must in the digital age. And the Instagram Story feature used by brands can potentially reach more viewers than traditional posts on the grid. Doing so also helps you promote your products and services efficiently and share ideas with your audience.

Publishing Instagram Stories is not only fun but also very beneficial for your marketing objectives. The power of sharing rests on your hands as it is unlimited—you are free to unleash your creativity and increase your brand’s popularity using your wit. 

Here, you’ll be able to discover reasons why Instagram Stories should play a primary role in your social media strategy. 

1. Heighten Brand Exposure

Instagram Stories are indicated by a colorful ring surrounding a user’s profile picture, and they are all found at the top of the app. It makes them very hard to miss, even if they’re only visible for 24 hours. 

According to an Instagram Story study, the retention rate of publishing five stories a day is over 70 percent.

2. Grow Your Potential Customers

Instagram is known for providing the most engagement between users. Using Instagram Stories is one way of directly interacting with your target audience. 

Involve them by asking questions and letting them share their opinions and ideas. Communicating with more people, building rapport, and supporting content they create are excellent ways to reach more people. 

Swipe-up links can be accessible once you reach 10,000 followers on your Business Account on Instagram, and you can immediately lead your followers to your eCommerce store or website landing page!

3. Maximize Your Pool of Prospects and Leads

Instagram Stories are visible to the public, to followers and non-followers. They can also appear on the related posts tab. For these reasons and more, using Stories as a marketing tool provides an excellent opportunity to reach more potential customers. 

This feature enables you to showcase both your products and ideas creatively, and it boosts your number of followers, thus, maximizing your pool of prospects and leads.

4. Get Insights from Online Users for Your New Releases

You can also easily leverage Instagram Stories for market research as you can get honest feedback from your audience. Start conversations by using polls and question stickers in your Story, plus use those results to recalibrate your marketing strategies and improve your overall business.

5. Reuse Good Blog Content

Recreate your well-performing content from another platform and share it as an Instagram story. Look back on your website performance and find ways to reuse your most viewed, shared, and commented-on blogs. 

You can also use great-quality photos to tell your business story. Invite more people and feed their curiosity about your content, and lead them to your other channels.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Stories will help you maximize your gains on the platform. So, be a storyteller for your audience—there is so much more you can share. Bring in new ideas, discuss content with the community, help solve problems, and answer FAQs through tutorial videos. There are many ways to make your brand approachable through the Instagram Story feature.

When it comes to developing marketing strategies, creativity is the key. Keeping up with current trends and knowing what’s hot will surely help you grow your business. If you’re eager to start, work with an Instagram marketing expert like CCG.

Here at CCG, you can work with the leading content creation agency in Los Angeles, particularly experts in Instagram marketing services. Book a consultation today to learn more!

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