Influencer Marketing Works and It’s Only Going to Get Bigger

Influencer Marketing Works and It’s Only Going to Get Bigger

The internet is an exciting place to be these days. Everywhere you go, targeted ads will follow you. The innovations and developments that have helped to improve digital marketing are also the exact reason why it’s become harder than it used to be. The landscape is continuously evolving and remains highly competitive. You have to fight for your place at the top. But the rule is to work smarter, not harder.

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular and effective ways to cut through the noise and stand out. Although some people still doubt its impact, there’s no denying the simple truth that it works, and it’s not going anywhere. 

People often wonder what the purpose of influencers is, especially when brand ambassadors exist anyway. For one, ambassadors are more expensive and require more work, research, and so on. Influencers can give your brand a big boost more efficiently. You can even consider it a test run. If an influencer can help your brand enough, you can make them an ambassador.

Here are a few reasons why influencer marketing has become so popular:

Content Options

Influencers, especially the best ones, are also content creators—or at the very least, that’s how they can get their start. People dismiss influencers because they don’t quite appreciate the work and strategy that goes into promoting a brand with their following. 

Any conventionally attractive person can pose and get hundreds and thousands of likes. But the influencers have developed a loyal following. They cultivate a community that’s centered around them as a person. That kind of power is no joke. 

The most popular type of content produced by influencers are videos and Instagram posts. However, others do more than that. Some of them are writers, artists, and so on. The content they can produce to promote your brand is valuable and very affordable. 

When you hire an influencer, the most important thing is their loyal following, not necessarily how big it is (although that matters, of course). But there are also plenty of highly influential and talented people among the bunch.

Value and Impact

Influencer content has developed over the years, not just because of the development and changes made in various platforms. Whether they created the trend or are just riding it, there has been a shift in the content they create. Many influencers are seeing the value of showing more of their reality. 

This is something that consumers are looking for. It’s not just the marketing world that has gotten noisy. Influencers can ride the trends naturally and even make it fun for themselves and provide value to their audiences. The impact they have on these people can be immeasurable. 

The most popular influencers have people that are sincerely invested in their lives and well-being. That type of connection can be highly beneficial to your business. That’s just not something you can put a price on.


Influencer marketing is not just a trend that will fade away. It’s proven to be an effective and powerful marketing tool. In some cases, it even does most of the heavy lifting in your digital marketing campaign. 

People want authenticity, something or someone they can trust. While influencers aren’t necessarily the most transparent, people still follow them and value their taste and recommendations. Influencers have power, and together you can significantly boost your business.

If you’re interested in improving your business by collaborating with influencers, you’re in the right. C/C/G is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Santa Monica. Our services are rooted in smart strategies and creatives. We offer solutions that are tailored to your brand’s needs and goals. Work with influencers the right way and push your brand forward. Reach out to us today!

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