Influencer Marketing 101: 3 Things You Need to Consider

Influencer Marketing 101: 3 Things You Need to Consider

Influencer marketing has become a staple for numerous digital marketing campaigns as content creators have become the new movie stars. Instead of hiring actors and Hollywood personalities, these self-made internet celebrities have a deeper connection to their audiences. For this reason, working with influencers is an excellent strategy to boost your company’s conversion rates and sales figures.

How to Work with Influencers Effectively

Managing influencers is similar to working with creative professionals. However, it’s vital to assess their credibility and branding to see if they fit your campaign goals. After all, no one wants a spokesperson or ambassador to sound too robotic and restricted by sponsors. This is why you must know the basics of letting an influencer work with you for a common goal.

Before you hire an influencer, here are three things you need to consider:

1. Target Audience

You must look for an influencer that shares the same target demographic as yours. While this may seem only natural, some influencers are unaware of their exact target demographic. This is because some lifestyle influencers only respond to specific trends and social media niches.

It’s best to work with influencers with a definitive target audience. It can be related to an influencer’s field of interest, hobby, profession, or even their own brand. These individuals can give you relevant views and page clicks that effectively lead to conversions.

While subscriber counts are important, they shouldn’t be the only factor you need to consider. If you want the best value for your money, it’s best to stick to micro-influencers with 10,000 to 50,000 followers. These content creators are typically more involved with their communities and less likely to demand high quotes for their services.

2. Work Experience

Some influencers are more aware of performing sponsorships than others. This can be an advantage for your proposed partnership or not. Ideally, first-timers have many questions about the process and may require some assistance regarding deadlines and payment processes. On the other hand, some content creators have worked with numerous sponsors and understand some industry practices they need to observe.

Influencers familiar with sponsorship projects can collaborate with you better on the content production process. Additionally, it will be easier to request essentials like content creation timelines and official receipts for official transactions. Keep in mind that these individuals may have a higher asking price due to their work experience.

3. Rights, Fees, and Rate Sheets

You must treat influencers as professionals in their craft, similar to working with quality talent. For this reason, you should message them with an offer that considers their respective fees and content creation rights.

Since influencers are a lot like freelancers, their contracts may vary depending on the project. Some influencers have their own media kit covering the kind of content they’re willing to produce for sponsorships. It may include various price ranges for specific tasks like posting tweets or creating a YouTube video.


Connecting with your audience is much easier if you have mediators to smoothen the process. Instead of hiring high-profile celebrities, content creators from various niches are more likely to improve your relatability and credibility to target audiences. By working with the right influencer that aligns with your products, services, and brand objectives, you could land a worthwhile investment that will benefit both parties mutually.

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