Influencer Marketing: The Essential Things To Know (Part 1)

Influencer Marketing: The Essential Things To Know (Part 1)

Influencer marketing is a way to reach potential customers by harnessing the power of online content creators, and it has become a trend in recent years. Influencers are online personalities with large audiences who can help persuade their viewers to take specific actions like sharing, listening, reading, or trying a product or service.

If you plan on using an influencer’s power to promote your business, you need to understand this type of marketing effort first. We’ve created a two-part article to give you the information you should know.

What Is a Good Digital Influencer?

A good digital influencer is an online personality with a large and engaged following willing to buy from that person’s recommendations. The following are a few characteristics of digital influencers:

  • A digital influencer should be an authority in their industry.
  • They should have specific expertise that is visible in their content.
  • They should focus their content on the problems or challenges faced by the people who are part of their audience.
  • They should have an excellent social media following.

It Is Not Just About the Number of Followers

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is that they need to have a lot of followers to be successful. However, this is untrue. It is more important to focus on the quality of their followers than the quantity. For example, if you work with a person with 100,000 followers posting for the first time and has no engagement, you might not get any value from the partnership. 

It Is Not Just About Influence

Influencers can be online celebrities or professionals with a large audience and a high level of influence. Experts with many followers can be influential in marketing products or services. 

However, if that person’s content does not align with the needs of specific segments of their audience, those followers will not buy from them. They will not engage with their content. That makes it essential to focus on the influencer’s audience.

What You Should Look For: The Right Audience

One valuable characteristic of a good digital influencer is their ability to be a leader in a niche and to speak to the needs of the people in that niche. With a digital influencer like this, their followers will be willing to buy from them.

When looking for a digital influencer, you should first find an influencer with a large following and a good engagement rate. It would be best to work with people excited about the product or service and who want to buy it.

Measuring Influencer Engagement Rates

Influencer engagement rates are one of the essential characteristics of digital influencers. It indicates that their followers are invested in their content, and they are more likely to be motivated to buy.

The two most common ways to measure engagement are the number of comments and shares.

1. Number of Comments

The number of comments measures how engaged the audience is with the content. A lot of comments show that there is genuine interest in the posts.

2. Number of Shares

The number of shares is another measure of engagement. It is an indication that people are willing to share the content that they see.

3. Type of Content They Release

The best digital influencers find their audience’s pain points and then produce content that helps potential customers. Your digital influencers should have a strategy to help others overcome their problems.


Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience. However, if you are going to invest in this type of marketing, you need to invest in the right influencers. It is critical to find the influencer who is an authority in the niche, has a relevant audience, and can produce interesting and engaging content. Watch out for part two of our series, which will talk about the type of influencer you need for every social platform.

Whether you want to make the most out of Instagram influencer marketing or Tiktok influencer marketing, understanding the medium is the first step, and C/C/G is here to assist you. We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles that helps effectively connect our clients to their customers. 

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