How Influencer Marketing Agencies Assess Campaigns

How Influencer Marketing Agencies Assess Campaigns

The actual effectiveness of the campaigns you run is measured beyond the likes and comments on your posts, which an influencer marketing agency can perform easily. 

But before you partner up with an agency, you need to evaluate their back-end analytics to ensure that they can effectively achieve your primary goals.

Back-End Analytics Influencer Marketing Agencies Assess

Every creative content has metrics, which show how the content performed with powerful, data-driven insight. These metrics also determine the potential success of a partnership you have with an influencer marketing agency. 

An agency usually identifies which content best resonates with your target audience. They use data to determine deliverables and content based on your brand’s objectives and goals. 

Below are some examples of campaign goals on Instagram and analytics that they’re best measured by: 

  • Reach: the number of users that saw your post
  • Impressions: how many times your content has been displayed on repeat to users
  • Likes: how many users clicked the heart button
  • Comments: how many users commented on your content
  • Shares: how many users shared your post via direct message 
  • Saves: how many users saved your content to their personal folder
  • Profile Visits: how many users visited your main page
  • Link Clicks: the number of users who clicked your attached link
  • Interactions: your posts’ performance and which users interact with them other than simply looking at the content and scrolling down
  • Growth: the number of users who follow or unfollow you in specific periods
  • Content Type: which content performs best in your posts, reels, stories, and IGTV 
  • Most Active Times: when your audience interacts with your content in particular hours and days
  • Location: where your audience is located in countries
  • Gender: the genders of your audience
  • Age Range: the age ranges of your audience

Goals to Achieve in Influencer Campaigns

Every business has a different set of goals and objectives with every campaign run. But below are some of the most common goals, which you should open up with a potential partner:

1. To Gain Followers

If you’re looking to grow your follower count, a partnership that offers a giveaway is one of the best ways to do that. As you evaluate an influencer marketing agency for a campaign, be sure to ask for analytics on their previous giveaway posts to assess how they fared.

High post reach and a big influx of comments both indicate a successful result. Look for an agency with a previous content engagement of at least 2 percent, the benchmark for success.

2. Sales

Getting more direct sales is always the goal of any business. The best way to achieve this is with Instagram stories with a direct call to action (CTA), where viewers can purchase with a swipe up. 

It’s best to partner up with an influencer agency with high clicks in their previous campaigns and has an engagement rate of at least one percent. You can also inquire about a potential partner’s previous partnerships, so you can evaluate which products excite their customer base.


When partnering with an influencer marketing agency, be sure to consider their likes and followers and their back-end analytics. The latter gives a more comprehensive background of their customer base and engagement, providing you with more ammunition in your campaign.

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