How Social Media Makes Loyal Customers

How Social Media Makes Loyal Customers

According to a recent research study by Sprout Social, social media is the number one method for brands to connect with consumers successfully. In addition, more than half the research respondents (about 57 percent) said they are likely to purchase more from that brand, while 76 percent said they’ll buy from them over a competitor. 

Now that consumers themselves confirmed the power social media has in connecting brands to them, let’s go over how we can succeed. How can we use social media to create connections, engage potential customers, and turn them into loyal consumers?

How Do Brands Connect with Customers on Social Media?

To better understand how brands and customers interact on social media, we’ll need to examine two questions: how consumers choose the brands to follow and why consumers follow these brands on social media.

To answer the first question, we’ll look at statistics on how consumers find brands to follow. Research finds that nearly half of consumers (45 percent) find brands via social platform algorithms suggestions. Thirty-nine (39) percent actively search for brands they admire, 34 percent follow brands they purchase offline, and 35 percent subscribe to brands posted by influencers they follow. 

Meanwhile, consumers stick to brands they find on social media based on different reasons. Forty (40) percent of consumers stick to brands due to entertainment value, 34 percent due to education value, and 32 percent due to the value of inspirational messages. In addition, 40 percent say they stick to brands because of discounts and promotions, while 32 percent due to how these brands connect them to consumers like themselves.  

What Makes Quality Connections on Social Media?

Consumers say that they feel most connected to brands that have an excellent social media presence. For brands, this means not only frequent posting but also quality content. You can’t just continuously post on social media expecting your consumers to see it as a way to connect with them. 

Instead, you have to practice actual audience engagement. You also have to ensure that you’re offering something beneficial every time you connect with customers via social media, such as additional knowledge about your brand, narrative, employees, and mission.

You have to be consistent in your efforts to form meaningful relationships with your customers. Nurse authentic relationships you began with and grew them. Don’t sell a narrative or any product that you think will encourage more sales for your business. Consumers instantly smell inauthenticity, and you’ll lose what you’ve built.

With that said, you need to practice patience because you won’t reach your goals overnight. You can’t buy close connections with customers from another store. Instead, you’re going to have to earn it with patience and quality content.

Final Thoughts

An excellent social media presence where customers can relate and belong has to be built patiently. Creating meaningful relationships with your audience boosts your brand and encourages even more customers to follow you. You just need the right people working together for your goals. 

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