Tips for Utilizing Hashtags for Your Digital Campaign

Tips for Utilizing Hashtags for Your Digital Campaign

Hashtags gave the world a new way to be part of a topic or conversation. Hashtags have become so valuable and integrated into so many social media platforms that they’re sometimes used as a makeshift search engine. The growing adoption of social media in the last decade has made it easier for brands to reach out to their audience easily.

Hashtags also add a personal touch to allow online users to connect to different communities and trends. They’ve become a staple in every digital campaign, but using them takes more than just putting a number sign before a lousy pun.

If you want to use hashtags effectively, you should know what guidelines you should follow.

1. Use Your Hashtag Across All Platforms

Using the same hashtags on all platforms makes it easier for users to track your hashtag and find relevant information. Doing so helps maintain consistency throughout your campaign. It’s also good practice to include hashtags with your links.

2. Keep the Number of Hashtags to a Minimum

The more hashtags you include, the less likely your audience will notice your content. In fact, they may forget your key hashtags. This is why using too many can make your posts look cluttered and can make it more challenging for users to find your content.

Social media users are bombarded with thousands of hashtags each day, and the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your audience. However, you can actually get away with using more hashtags on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.ct

3. Hashtags Don’t Use Punctuations

Use only alphanumeric characters with your hashtags. Adding space, punctuation, or other symbols will effectively end the hashtag. Instead, try separating words with capitalizations. This is also helpful for text-to-speech users who may come across your hashtags at some point.

4. Pay Attention to Your Spelling

While misspelling may seem like a simple mistake to avoid, it happens all the time. Even the most minor spelling errors can lead to the wrong images and posts being tagged with your hashtag. It’s in your best interest to take the time to spell-check your hashtags.

5. Test Your Hashtag Before Going Live

Make sure your hashtag isn’t already being used. A simple search on the platforms you plan on using will show you if others have already been using it. Having a hashtag used by a more prominent brand can ruin all your plans, especially if you built a whole campaign around it.

6. Don’t Rely on Hashtags for Your Entire Campaign

There’s a big difference between using hashtags for your campaign and using them to drive content. It’s common for campaigns to be built around hashtags, but it’s more ideal to use them as part of the campaign itself. Remember that users will come across your hashtags even if you don’t include them in the content itself.


Hashtags have become a staple on social media platforms, and their value has tremendously increased in the last decade. Brands have used hashtags to market themselves, increase visibility and drive engagement. It’s crucial for users to understand how they to benefit from their use. Take the time to test your hashtag and make sure it’s being used correctly. Monitor it for trends and changes, and take your digital campaign to the next level.

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