Our Guide to Developing Your Own Brand Identity

Our Guide to Developing Your Own Brand Identity

Behind a solid brand is a foundation of information! Knowledge is power—the more data you have on your industry, the better you’ll make informed decisions about your company, specifically its branding. One great way to gain insights about your market is through brand discovery!

What Is Brand Discovery?

At the beginning of your business, you may be unable to afford expensive market research, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conduct your own brand discovery. Choosing to make your own brand discovery is the first step in developing an actionable plan for your business.

With the brand discovery, you’ll begin to identify valuable insights about your brand, such as your target audience, your target market and their needs, your business name, and how you want to be perceived by your target audience.

Why Brand Discovery Matters

Your brand is everything your business is about (and will be about in the future). Your brand will affect your business decisions, who you attract as customers, and is often the deciding factor in whether you succeed or not. Brand discovery will help you understand:

  • How the market perceives you
  • What your brand is all about
  • What you offer
  • How you want to be perceived
  • What you want your brand to stand for
  • What your brand means
  • How your brand will evolve

A brand discovery survey is a great way to get a “birds-eye view” of your business and how you want to be perceived and acknowledged by your target audience. The brand discovery survey will help you get a more nuanced understanding of your target market and how you want to serve them. 

How to Make Your Own Brand Discovery

Many brands make the mistake of jumping into the branding process without knowing anything about their audience or target market. The first step in developing your brand is to conduct your own brand discovery, as it will help you understand your market and your target audience better.

Here are things you can do to help you get started with your brand discovery.

Get Started with a Brand Dream Board

A brand dream board is a great way to come up with a brand that you’re passionate about. The dream board is meant to help you visualize what you want your brand to become. It’s a great way to keep things organized, and it gives you the perspective you need to help you take the proper steps when it comes to your business. It’s a way to get creative and think outside of the box.

Brainstorm to Come Up with Ideas

A great way to get started with your brand discovery is to get out a sheet of paper and a pen and start brainstorming. Write down all of the words that come to mind when you think about your business. Get as much information down on paper as you can. The more information you collect, the more you’ll understand what you want your brand to be.

Do Your Market Research

There are a lot of websites available that can help you conduct your market research. The more information you have about your market, the better. You’ll be able to make better decisions about your brand and identify the best avenues for getting your brand into the public’s eye.


Brand discovery is more than just coming up with a name for your brand! Brand discovery helps you identify what you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you want to do it. It will help you get a better understanding of what your business is about and how you want to be perceived. With the right marketing agency, you’ll be on your way to having a solid brand that fosters growth!

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