How You Can Gain Sales through Social Media: Our Guide

How You Can Gain Sales through Social Media: Our Guide

Even before the pandemic broke out, Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” The COVID-19 health crisis undoubtedly forced many businesses to bring their products online to keep their operations running even amidst the lockdown. However, those who were not able to adapt were greatly pained by the lack of physical patrons. 

At the same time, keep in mind that your online presence doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales. Brands and businesses that stand out in social media had to go through new business strategies that only apply online. 

As an agency that is an expert in marketing online, we will share guidelines based on our experiences so that you won’t have to start clueless in the online business!

Know Your Target Market

Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google have modified their platforms and let you display your message and advertisement only to the people that are within your target market. 

Take note that you don’t have to be on every social media platform to be recognized. Knowing your market’s behavior will also help you determine where you should invest your time and energy being known. If you’re into fashion, Instagram may be the right channel to reach your audience since it is more visual in nature. 

Establish Your Brand

Your brand’s choice of language and colors affect the way your target market perceives your brand. As such, make sure that the photos you use complement your texts because they will make your product or service easily understandable to your target audience. This is especially important if you are new to social media. People on those platforms have short attention spans, and if they can’t relate to your business, they can easily scroll through your post. 

Similarly, be sure to keep your business accounts unique and professional but be careful in making them bland. Also, make sure that you are keeping your posts conversational, as brands that talk about relatable, trending, informative, and fun things are more likely to be recognized by netizens. 

Build Strong Relationships

Responsiveness is always the best customer service. If your business is on the Internet, customers expect you to be more responsive because they usually go directly to your social media page when they have queries or even complaints. An unhappy customer can easily degrade your business’s reputation to the rest of the online world. 

Furthermore, you must always respond, even to the criticisms. This will leave your patrons an impression that they are being heard and show your potential customers that even if things might go wrong, you will assist them. 

Another good thing about being on social media is you can easily engage with your followers. This is why you should watch out for social media platforms’ new features from time to time and apply them when interacting with your audience. Some common examples from the previous trends were the use of polls in getting your customer’s preference, asking questions to hear their opinions or just simply the use of GIF games or puzzles, where they can stop by and have fun before going back to their regular browsing. 

Post Consistently

If a client visits your page for an inquiry but saw that your last post was already a year ago, he or she might disregard the idea of inquiring because it will make you look unresponsive. Posting content more often will not only give your brand a reliable presence online but will also create brand retention if they are consistently seeing you on their timeline. 

Make your posts as organic as possible and not too promotional that it will annoy the reader. Likewise, keep the audience up to date by feeding them with the new trends relating to your brand or information that will help them make the most out of your product. 


The pandemic may have affected your operations in the beginning, but it’s never too late to enter the online scene. By following the valuable tips we’ve shared above, you’ll be able to gain more sales through social media. Ultimately, you should work with a reliable agency that has your best interests in mind to help you succeed in the long run!

If you are looking for the most experienced marketing agency in Santa Monica, C/C/G is here to help! With our experts, we will help you create impactful connections to identify new opportunities to increase your digital impact. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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