6 Strategic Facebook Ads Practices for Holiday Sales

6 Strategic Facebook Ads Practices for Holiday Sales

This year’s Christmas shopping season is crowded with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sales days, so marketers increase their marketing spending in preparation. We’ve compiled a list of sophisticated Facebook ad techniques for small and medium-sized companies to compete with more prominent marketers this season.

1. Grow an Email List for Your Business

Using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences service, you may offer a free ebook or other incentives in exchange for an email address from potential customers. You may then send your new subscribers a special offer or promotion available to them. One of the most effective ways to grow your email list is to provide something for free.

2. Maintain a Larger Daily Budget

Facebook and Instagram are considering new limitations on ad campaigns, and they will be implemented just in time for the holidays. As a result, your ads will display less often and face more competition. 

You may mitigate this by increasing your daily budget and your advertising expenditures. Creating a fresh ad set that focuses on those most likely to become consumers and increasing the number of times your adverts show are two things you should consider doing.

3. Improve Your Retargeting by Investing in Video Content

You’ll have more success with retargeting if you employ high-quality videos to entice customers who didn’t convert the first time. More individuals will be exposed to your adverts if your videos get more views. If the film is of excellent quality, it will increase the chances of clients becoming paying customers.

Using various value-based images in your retargeting campaign, you may reduce the number of clicks necessary to convert your traffic. By scheduling your advertising, you may display them more often on weekdays when people are more likely to visit your website while showing them less frequently on weekends when people are less likely to do so.

4. Expand Your Remarketing Audience

Although marketing is an essential tool, it may be more successful by focusing on a more specialized group. Customers, past purchases, website visits, and other high-value audiences may all be targeted with the help of a personalized audience. This will aid you in building a strategy to re-engage customers that have left your company.

5. Aim Your Pixel at the Appropriate People

With the help of an app retargeting pixel, you may display advertisements on Facebook to those who have previously downloaded your application. An ad targeted to the specific interests of your most important customers may be discovered using a bespoke conversion pixel created just for you.

6. Make Your Mobile Experience Better

If most of your potential customers use mobile devices, mobile adverts are a great approach to reach them and engage with them. It is possible to deliver relevant offers to mobile customers to encourage them to convert using this strategy.


The holidays are vital for small companies that depend on holiday sales to make it through the rest of the year. This holiday season, use these advanced methods to increase conversions and make the most of your Facebook advertising budget.

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