Lesser-Known Facebook Ad Strategies That Can Boost Your Brand

Lesser-Known Facebook Ad Strategies That Can Boost Your Brand

There are a lot of online marketing strategies out there that can guarantee a boost in your brand’s online presence, and while many of them can definitely generate leads and acquire new customers for your business, some lesser-known methods can achieve a better edge than they do.

That being said, this task may be challenging for first-timers; that is why they will need all the help they can get to even the odds.

Below are just some of these Facebook Ad strategies that are lesser-known yet very efficient in their own way.

1. Facebook Slide Boxes

These are images that tend to show up right under the cover photo of your Facebook page. Depending on your target market, you can simply design them to feature a specific promotion or product.

If you have been using the traditional Page Post Ads to promote your brand, this strategy is the best way to drive traffic to your website.

Using this strategy, your slide box will appear below your cover photo and only display for about two to three seconds. This gives your website just enough time to load and generate a visit.

2. Scrolling Website Cards

While this is a more expensive alternative than the previous strategy, it is also one of the most effective Facebook Ad Strategies today.

With this strategy, you can create a website banner where you can include a video or image of your website and a CTA button to lead viewers to your website or landing page.

This gives you a lot of room to customize your website card. You can choose to include a video or an image depending on your target market and budget.

However, be warned that website cards are pretty expensive since they can reach up to $1.00 per view.

3. Lookalike Audiences

If you have been using the Facebook Ads platform for a while now, then you have probably heard of this before. While it has been around for a bit, it is not widely used since it is quite costly.

Using this strategy, you can target people with similar interests, age, and other factors that you can find from your existing customers.

4. Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are a relatively new Facebook Ad Strategy but have already proven to work pretty much as well as other strategies.

You can target potential buyers in a specific geographic location with shopping ads. You can choose to target a specific age group, even targeting people who are only interested in Men’s Clothing or Women’s Clothing.

In any case, you should create an offer that will encourage users to purchase your product.

5. Partner Branding

You may do this if you want to make your Facebook Ads work for your business. You can choose to partner with another brand and use your Facebook page as your ad targeting tool.

This strategy is the best way to promote and introduce your brand to the world and increase the ranking of your Facebook page, which means you can use it to produce more leads and profits for your business.


Using Facebook Ads to promote your brand is never a bad idea. However, this strategy can only go so far if you are unwilling to change your approach.

Utilizing these lesser-known Facebook Ad strategies can give you an edge in your marketing endeavors and make your Facebook ads more effective, which directly translates to more return on investment (ROI) and profit.

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