Do You Know What Kind of Digital Content You’re Making?

Do You Know What Kind of Digital Content You’re Making?

It can be easy to get lost in the sea of terms you have to know in digital marketing. For example, most amateurs limit their concept of content creation to simple blogs and metadata descriptions. In reality, digital content can pertain to different formats instrumental in making a successful digital marketing strategy.

Do you know what kind of digital content you need?

Digital media or digital content is any content that exists in digital format. Although that description does little to narrow it down, it usually means a set of visual, audio, and audio-visual elements that are both static and interactive in your sites. When employing digital content in content marketing strategies, the limitless options of digital formats usually boil down to just a handful of choices.

In this article, we’ll share three digital marketing content types you should memorize:

1. Web content

Web content is the main driving force of your search engine results page (SERP) rankings, which is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mostly applies to these formats. The very foundation of your digital presence already counts as digital content, and this includes your sites’ landing pages and product pages. The information contained inside them can vary from blog posts, article references in online publications, product reviews, and more. Marketers usually update web content regularly while maintaining the same URL. This allows people to receive current and relevant information, unlike static online documents.

2. Static images

Besides text content found on your websites and posts, images can be an effective way to aid your marketing goals. Static images can be more than purely visual and can incorporate textual elements to deliver your brand’s message. It can be as simple as a tagline with added imagery or a comprehensive infographic with accompanying mission statements.

Static images can be incorporated into web-based content or downloadable digital documents for better visualization of information. Additionally, static images can stand on their own as printable and shareable media that you and your online audience can spread through various marketing channels.

3. Interactive content

Digital content usually doubles as a means to engage with your audiences by requiring customer output. This allows you to get creative in making interactive assets that media consumers can participate in or utilize when going through your sales funnel. Some common forms of interactive content are as follows:

  • Social media posts
  • Online courses
  • Virtual reality tours/streams
  • Webinars
  • Mobile apps
  • Polls

Marketers utilize these forms of digital content in one of two ways: to receive feedback or deliver a curated message. Sharing social media posts is one way to make it easier to spread the reach of digital marketing campaigns. On the other hand, polls, mobile apps, and webinars are interactive media that can receive input from online audiences for brands to interact with and integrate into their operations.

It’s important to set goals for interactive content so that you can have the right metrics for measuring the success of your digital campaigns. Remember, content creation must be purpose-driven. Otherwise, you’re not utilizing digital media to grow your revenue stream.


Having a general understanding of the different digital content types makes it easier for you to communicate with your marketing and creative teams. This allows for a more seamless collaboration of thoughts and ideas. Keep in mind that digital marketing trends will vary over time, so preferences in some formats will be greater than others. For this reason, it’s vital to connect with content creation experts that know the developments in search engine algorithms and online consumer behavior.

To keep your digital content marketing strategies with the latest marketing trends, we at C/C/G marketing are always innovating our creative processes. As a full-service content creation agency in Los Angeles, our team is adept at developing diverse content for your marketing efforts’ needs. Breathe new life to your marketing campaigns by contacting us today!

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