Diving into Why TikTok Marketing Works for Businesses Part 2

Diving into Why TikTok Marketing Works for Businesses Part 2

Businesses are constantly looking for fresh ways and newer platforms to connect with their customers, as well as market the goods and services they offer. One standout app to market your business recently is TikTok, with plenty claiming that this social network may surpass other sites if it continues to grow.

The hot social media app has been taking the world by storm as of late, which is why it’s important to integrate it into your own marketing strategies now. If you don’t feel convinced, there are several reasons as to why. Part one of this series explored how and what marketers can utilize TikTok, alongside its effectiveness.

In part two, let’s discuss what your business would be able to find in TikTok marketing and why it would work for you to invest some efforts into the app:

Content Avenue

TikTok’s content is so varied in the subjects tackled and shown. Many users find solace in being able to express themselves on the app, especially with how easy it is to create a video while in the app itself. Your business would be able to fit right in by creating your own content with ease.

Your marketing team may also suggest importing and exporting videos. Cross-posting on different media-based social networking platforms can ensure that you would be able to promote to all your followers at once.

Potential of Going Viral

The peaks of digital marketing occur when the content becomes a hit with people within and outside your follower base. And, luckily, TikTok content has a high potential to go viral due to the amount users that can make anything trend.

Although some may make virality as something caused by pure luck, there’s a method to the madness. Marketers would be able to give you feedback about what songs and hashtags are relevant during a certain period so that your business can produce content for that.

Audience Behavior

TikTok’s user interface can be rather interesting, as users are likely to just stick around and scroll for long periods of time. Ads aren’t any particular distractions, as the marketing content blends in with other posts. They all serve as enough material to keep them occupied already. 

Businesses should look at this audience behavior on TikTok as a great opportunity for digital marketing. Especially with almost 70% of TikTok users between 13 and 24 years old, you can easily create content geared towards this impressionable demographic. 

Possibilities of Being Established

TikTok’s growth as a social media platform has been incredible ever since its launch a couple of years ago. However, as big as it has gotten, nothing is fully established yet. Many brands aren’t on the app yet, and it’s a little while away from being saturated.

Now’s a perfect time as any to get on the app to establish your business and its presence on the app. Navigating the platform can take some work; when done right, the whole ordeal can result in your brand riding TikTok’s progression to fame and a wider user base. 


And with that, your business should see all the points as to why TikTok marketing works and why companies should go along with the trend of posting promotions there. It can be harder to grasp as it is miles different from Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Be sure to seek out help from a social media marketing expert to optimize your plans.
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