Diving into Why TikTok Marketing Works for Businesses Part 1

Diving into Why TikTok Marketing Works for Businesses Part 1

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the first platforms businesses often look to is Facebook and Instagram. However, with the rise of TikTok as a networking platform, more and more digital marketers have begun to see the potential that the app holds when advertising and promoting a product. It’s one of the biggest contenders to the previous two platforms.

Granted, businesses have their own reservations about TikTok since it’s still relatively new. Many can yield great results from TikTok when using the features under the TikTok for Business section though. This fact is especially true if you have an expert marketing agency under your wing to produce and coordinate the content.

If you’re curious about what makes TikTok marketing seem so successful for a business, here’s a deep dive into the different reasons why advertising on this part of social media is effective.

Influencer Marketing

One of the reasons social media marketing has worked so well is because of up-and-coming influencers and online personalities. Celebrities can have a large talent fee, and it can be hard to get in touch with them even if you could afford it. Influencer marketing helps provide an alternative that can get great results as well.

There have been many influencers that grew their career and held a large following in TikTok. Take advantage of that and make an offer where you can get them to promote your product. Instructing them to recommend the product can boost the traffic that your business and store would receive.

In-Feed Ads

There are several types of ads that are the main reason why TikTok marketing is so effective. In-feed ads, the marketing material that a TikTok user may find while scrolling through their feed, can be rather useful.

In-feed ads are very hard to tell apart from regular content. If you’re able to play your cards right, a user would be watching the video without knowing that it was a direct marketing strategy. Seek help from a marketer to create that undetectable yet effective content.

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand takeover ads are a bit different and more expensive when compared to in-feed ads. This type of content would be the first ones to appear on the TikTok platform when a user clicks on it, increasing the likeliness of them watching it all the way through.

If you’re willing to invest in this type of ad, you would be able to monopolize that spot of being a TikTok user’s only brand takeover for that particular day. An affordable alternative for brand takeover ads is TopViews, the first in-feed ad on a user’s For You page.

Brand Challenges

Brand challenges have been quite special when it comes to TikTok’s communities. It’s slightly similar in the way that users would follow trends on other social media platforms, but TikTok promotes a brand and their website under user-made content with the brand’s hashtag. 

Branded effects and filters are also a special feature that TikTok’s allows companies to do. Gaining the participation of TikTok’s users can be incredibly good for a business’s engagement, as it’s almost the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. 


Understanding why different tools on TikTok are effective for businesses provides great insight into how important it is to use them. It’s best to get in touch with a digital marketing team who are fully aware of how to strategize with them. Don’t forget to tune into part two of this article, where we’ll discuss in-depth what other opportunities await you on the app.

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