Digital or Creative: What Agency Does My Website Need?

Digital or Creative: What Agency Does My Website Need?

Companies need to be visible online to be successful. As the world of marketing and advertising changed, more companies began to create an online presence. However, when choosing between a digital agency and a creative agency, how do you know which one works best in building the online presence that I need for the business?

What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a full-service organization that helps clients build a comprehensive array of marketing services. Its role is to provide marketing consulting and creative, strategic, and technical development of marketing products and services.

Digital agencies still value the aesthetics of a website or how it looks for the customers. However, they focus more on building the user interface and experience. Digital agencies also ensure that each brand asset or application functions as intended to help companies reach their goals.

However, aside from taking care of how a digital platform works, they also offer search engine optimization, social media marketing, content creation, online lead generation, brand development, media campaigns, video and email marketing, and mobile campaigns.

What is a Creative Agency?

On the other hand, a creative agency deals with all the collaterals, content, and visual elements needed by a brand. Its role is to produce great design that represents the company and its products or services. It is responsible for implementing imaginative solutions to help businesses increase brand awareness and showcase their offerings better, increasing profits.

If digital agencies are more concerned about how a digital platform works, creative agencies are more concerned about how digital media can turn leads into customers. Through creative visualization and design, creative agencies can generate revenue for the businesses that seek their help. 

Creative agencies can also take care of logo design, color schemes, banners, copywriting, email newsletter design, infographics, packaging design, videos, and TV advertisements.

The Thin Line Between Digital and Creative Agencies

It’s challenging to differentiate the two from one another. However, keep in mind that a full-service digital agency combines traditional marketing with digital marketing. It means that they are more after the company’s function, rather than how it looks. 

Digital agencies can implement multi-channel marketing strategies and help with a company’s advertising campaigns. They can help businesses reach target markets in multiple advertising channels through numerous devices.

Meanwhile, creative agencies rely on the aesthetics and image. If you’re looking for an agency that can bring your ideas to life, then a creative agency is what you need.


What should I choose between the two agencies? If you’re starting from scratch, it’s better to hire a digital agency. They can set up any digital platform for you based on your requirements and needs. Digital agencies can help your business thrive online as they will give solutions on how to tackle the digital space. 

Meanwhile, if you need help with graphics for business cards, labels, or marketing materials, a creative agency will suit you best. They have in-house graphic designers who can help you bring your ideas to life based on your objectives.

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