CPG Marketing: 3 Trends to Follow In 2021 and Beyond

CPG Marketing: 3 Trends to Follow In 2021 and Beyond

In the digital age, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is more competitive than ever. Business owners and marketers alike are working hard to meet ever-evolving consumer preferences and needs. 2020 brought tremendous changes to how customers interact with brands, and the effects will continue to be felt in 2021 and beyond. 

Everything about digital marketing is constantly shifting and changing, especially so in CPG marketing. For this reason, forward-looking brands consistently keep up with emerging trends to give themselves a significant advantage above their competitors.

Here are three important trends to keep an eye on in 2021 and beyond:

Trend #1: It’s All Digital

Technology has been evolving rapidly in recent years, and digitization has disrupted many industries across the world. Global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach nearly $5 trillion in 2021. If your brand isn’t already online, you’re about a year too late to the wave. 

Billions of consumers go online to shop for just about everything they need because they prefer ease and convenience. Your brand’s digital marketing strategies should largely be focused on capturing your target audience online. Consistent and thorough market research will show you buyer preferences and trends that you should accommodate as quickly as possible. You should be running on all cylinders, from email marketing, content creation, social media marketing, and paid digital advertising. 

You should be running on all cylinders, from email marketing, content creation, social media marketing, and paid digital advertising. If you haven’t written your CPG marketing playbook in 2020, it’s time to do it now. Today’s consumers are very different from how they were even in 2019. It’s up to you to catch up to them.

Trend #2: It’s About Personalization

The everyday consumer spends several hours a day online, and they have become incredibly savvy when it comes to disruptive marketing strategies. In 2021 and beyond, more and more consumers will be looking for a personalized experience amidst all the automated online noise.

Marketing personalization can come in many sophisticated forms. Using their first name in a generic marketing email will no longer cut it; consumers expect the actual body of the email to be suited to their online behavior and preferences. Personalization strategies lead to high sales conversions, so it’s time to invest in artificial intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning to level up your marketing efforts. 

Every step in the buyer’s journey will give you the information you need to provide an excellent personalized experience. It’s time to utilize this data to increase revenue and expand your base of loyal customers.

Trend #3: It’s What You Stand For

Sustainability has been a CPG buzzword for years, and it will continue to permeate the consumer mindset in 2021 and beyond. Consumers are more conscious than ever about their carbon footprint and what kind of planet they will leave with the next generation. Promoting your sustainable practices is one of the best ways to gain a loyal following.

Online consumers also expect brands to take the lead when it comes to social issues. It’s time to align your products and your marketing strategy with your brand values. This trend requires you to take a stand on worldwide issues such as environmental preservation, human rights, and social equality. 


CPG marketing is continuously evolving along with consumer preferences, and these three trends should largely influence your marketing strategies in 2021 and beyond. Savvy consumers and advancements in technology have paved the way for many changes in the industry. For better chances of marketing success, you need a CPG marketing agency on your side.

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