Debunking the 7 Common Myths about Restaurant Marketing

Debunking the 7 Common Myths about Restaurant Marketing

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, with countless options available to customers. For this reason, your eating establishment must have the right marketing strategy. These tactics can help you increase brand awareness and stand out from your competitors. It will also make or break how you attract and retain customers. 

However, finding your restaurant’s right advertising strategy can be tricky, especially if you won’t hire a professional agency to help. It can also be even more challenging because of the rampant disinformation online. While it may be understandable to feel frustrated, you must also educate yourself about these misconceptions. 

If you want to maximize your consultation with a marketing agency for restaurants, our expert team fact-checked the seven common myths of eating establishment advertising. 

Myth 1: Serving Great Food Will Help Make My Restaurant Successful

Delicious food and refreshing drinks are crucial for your eating establishment’s success. After all, they visited your eating establishment to satisfy their taste buds and leave feeling contented. However, that alone is insufficient to succeed in today’s competitive market. You must also find innovative ways to entice new customers and ensure that current ones remain satisfied. 

You can gain more foot traffic and maintain your loyal customers by creating the right ambiance, ensuring cleanliness, and having friendly customer service. You can also earn more visibility by hiring a professional restaurant marketing agency. 

Myth 2: Optimizing a Mobile-Friendly Website Isn’t Mandatory

There’s nothing more daunting than someone telling you that your decent restaurant is missing out on potential customers. That is especially true if you took the risk and started your eating establishment. Unfortunately, that happens when you don’t optimize your website for mobile devices. 

Whether they’re reading the reviews, making a reservation, checking the menu, or looking for your contact information, over 80% of customers look for nearby establishments with their mobile devices.

Myth 3: Implementing Loyalty Programs Aren’t Effective

More restaurants are participating in loyalty programs. A study discovered that more than half of family restaurants and fine dining establishments have noticed this trend. Also, many adult consumers will likely visit an eatery offering a reward program. You can create an effective loyalty program by understanding your customers’ needs and working with a restaurant marketing agency.

Myth 4: Discounts Are Essential in Attracting Customers

While people love bargains, offering excessive product discounts may negatively impact your business. You should attract customers with discounted prices but only do it if it benefits your business. You must also be careful about offering too many coupons and promotions, which may reduce your establishment’s value. 

Myth 5: Tracking and Quantifying Social Media Is Too Challenging

Many frustrated businesses complain about being unable to measure their social media activities’ tangible return on investment (ROI). While linking social media effects to ROI has been a persistent challenge, more companies now claim to see the connection. Furthermore, they’re investing more money in social media and working closely with a reputable restaurant marketing agency.

Myth 6: Marketing Is Too Expensive for My Budget

Other eateries hesitate to work with restaurant marketing agencies because they assume it won’t fit their limited budget. However, that’s not the case because there are many affordable methods to do it. You can effectively start connecting with customers without spending too much by using social media and email marketing tactics. 

Myth 7: Advertising and Print Marketing Aren’t Worth the Money

Consumers still like print advertising and collateral despite the rise in digital advertising. A survey found that many respondents welcome a newspaper ad or menu in the mail, while several welcome an email message from restaurants.


Determining the right advertising strategy for your eating establishment can be challenging with the rampant disinformation and competitive market. You can make more educated choices and succeed by fact-checking the common myths and working with a reputable restaurant marketing agency. 

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