4 Clever Ways to Boost Holiday Ads on Facebook Part 2

4 Clever Ways to Boost Holiday Ads on Facebook Part 2

Previously, we have relayed some helpful tips in launching holiday ads on Facebook in the first part of this article. While the previous pieces of advice focused more on strategies regarding other marketing aspects involving your holiday ads, this section will provide tips that will help you create a more striking campaign to entice potential customers.

So without further ado, here’s how you can achieve success in creating holiday ads on social media networks like Facebook.

3. Offer Divers and Flexible Content

Admittedly, it’s very tempting to jump and join the bandwagon creating Facebook ads that feature the same holiday theme or feel. However, it actually pays to approach content creation in a different manner at this time of the year.

Instead of the same old festive images and videos, why not diversify your content? This doesn’t mean that you have to stray from tradition, though. Simple tweaks such as sporting on a color combination that’s never been used before can sometimes make a difference in how customers view your brand as authentic and original.

During holidays, most companies usually rely on old gimmicks. Thus, it would be plenty of help to approach content creation in an unconventional way. Always remember that your ads will be competing for the attention of online users, so it doesn’t hurt to present your brand in a manner that will make your audience remember you better.

4. Feature Strategic Holiday Deals

Think of it this way, which will generate more clicks: normal ads or ones that offer promos and discounts? If, on normal days, ads that offer discounts and deals drive more traffic to your website, then it’s only common sense that the same will apply during holidays.

In fact, there’s even a higher chance that consumers will click on an ad featuring holiday deals, as companies are more generous during this time of the year. Many businesses offer huge discounts on various products, services, and packages on holidays. So if you want to compete to catch the eye of online users, you must be prepared to do the same.

Of course, this doesn’t mean holding a grand sale on everything your company offers. You can turn to smart deals like free shipping and gifts. However, if you’ll resort to this strategy, always remember to be mindful of your revenue. Don’t offer deals and promos that will only cause you to lose more than you gain. After all, this only results in the opposite of your initial goal, which is to drive more profit in your business.


Yes, it’s not that easy to compete with other brands and companies during the holiday season. With a lot of businesses vying for the attention of consumers during this time of the year, it can be quite a challenge to meet your marketing goals. However, there’s no need to lose hope. This venture isn’t as hopeless as you may think. As long as you heed the tips above—including the ones in the first part of this article—you’ll find that you can still gain something from launching holiday ads on Facebook even with such stiff competition.

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