3 Ways to Build Successful B2B Social Media Strategy

3 Ways to Build Successful B2B Social Media Strategy

Social media certainly has a lot to offer to B2B businesses! With B2B companies operating on interactions with another business, you’d think they’d struggle with gaining a following and connecting with an audience on platforms that capitalize on personal connections. 

Well, much to the surprise of some, B2B businesses are thriving on social media platforms, their number growing by the day!

B2B Social Media Is Worth It

With social advertising being practiced by 83% of B2B marketers, there’s no doubt that your B2B business can achieve success online. From Google to IBM, countless B2B companies have shattered the misconception that your organization may like a boring technical product.

Although B2B social media operates differently from B2C social media, it provides the opportunity to deliver similar, positive results, ensuring that B2B companies can meet their sales goals. In short, B2B businesses have a place in the digital space, allowing them to make the most out of it as much as any other B2C organization!

Developing a B2B Social Media Marketing Plan

Achieving your marketing goals as a B2B company is possible but keep in mind that it may be tricky. For your business to be successful on social media, you must strike the right balance between being engaging and not disrupting the audience experience. 

For your B2B brand to be successful on social media, you must develop the perfect game plan to help you attract your audience and influence their purchasing decisions. If you don’t have a social media marketing plan in place yet, take a look at some of the best strategies you may want to practice:

Determine Your Goals

You can’t go into social media marketing blind; how will you be able to tell when your marketing campaign is successful without metrics to base it on? It’s crucial to have goals that will provide direction and guide you when making decisions—specific, measurable KPIs will be the key to figuring out the best actions to take.

Create Brand Awareness

There’s no use taking advantage of the best social media marketing tools when your audience knows nothing about you. You see, consumers won’t care to listen if you don’t spell exactly who you are—your voice will only get lost in the saturated B2B space.

Make your brand known and share to the world what makes your business different from the competition. Through bite-sized pieces of content, you can share what your company values and boost your credibility.

Make Your Brand Feel More Personable

B2B social marketing goes beyond promoting your products. You must make your brand more “human,” no matter how technical or niche your product is, to gain social media success. When brands behave with appropriate intent and demonstrate emotion, value, and relevance, you’ll be able to develop stronger bonds with customers.

So, how do you humanize your brand? It’s simple—adopt a customer-centric B2B social strategy! Providing positive, proactive customer service and integrating customer stories in your content strategy allows you to promote your products without selling them outright.


Any business can be successful on social media—yes, including your B2B company! Although navigating social media platforms is indeed incredibly complex for companies such as yours, you have the chance to become one of the many B2B organizations with a great social media presence. As long as you follow our tips and collaborate with a reputable creative agency, you can achieve social media success!

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