The Branding Process: How to Find Your Company’s Identity

The Branding Process: How to Find Your Company’s Identity

Traditional entrepreneurs think that brand is merely a name—a catchy wordplay. Contrary to such an outdated idea, branding is one way to go. If you do not believe this, you should ask the leading brand marketing agency in Los Angeles.

We would usually associate branding with logos, taglines, and mood boards. Although it involves those elements, it goes beyond those words because branding is one of the ways to grow your business. If you plan to pursue your dreams of building your company this year, you should continue reading this article.

What Is Branding?

Whether you have a startup or a medium-size company serving a highly-urbanized city, your brand is your company’s identity. According to a renowned CEO, your brand is your promise to another person (or people). If your company can keep that promise, you will be rewarded by gaining many customers.

If you ask a brand marketing agency, they will tell you that your brand will help you influence your target market. Although we, humans, follow logic, we decide emotionally. You might now be wondering how to create a successful brand. If you are, kindly finish reading the rest of the article.

Create a Business Plan

Traditional entrepreneurs may immediately jump into the wordplay. These business owners do not understand the need for a business plan because they think branding is merely a catchphrase. If you ask a brand marketing agency, they will urge you to draft a business plan.

The business plan will include your company’s mission, vision, and goals. These will help you create your business identity and how you will stand out from the competition.

Establish a Visual Identity

Your brand should set your company apart from your competitors and how the general public will see your company. Although we need to work on the visual design and play with colors, fonts, and basic shapes, remember that your brand is a way to bond with your customers. Again, it is not merely a logo.

A brand marketing agency might tell you that your visual identity is like your company’s coat of arms. Although you are not restricted to strict heraldry laws, each element means something. It helps brand credibility and trustworthiness.

Being Unique yet Consistent

As mentioned earlier, your brand should make you stand out. Your logo, which is the visual component of your brand, should help you stand out. It should tell the general public what your company has that your competitors do not have. It will aid them in distinguishing your business from your competitors.

Your logo should be consistent because it will help your customers stay loyal to your company. Keeping your brand constant would give the impression that your company is dependable. Thus, it will make customers feel comfortable purchasing your products or availing of your services.


Branding is not merely the process of creating a name and logo. Your brand is your company’s identity. Take identical twins as an example. They may have the same features, but they have separate personalities.

In the highly competitive world, finding your company’s unique identity may be challenging, but you do not have to fret. 

You may ask the help of the leading brand marketing agency in Los Angeles. At CCG, we will find the formula to create your winning brand. Time is ticking, so schedule an appointment now!

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