Known Follies: Three Branding Mistakes That Companies Make

Known Follies: Three Branding Mistakes That Companies Make

Many hapless entrepreneurs think that a brand is a mere play of words and that a logo is simply an abstract design. However, marketing experts disagree with this because they know that the brand is the company’s identity while its logo is the visible sign of the brand. In other words, they are the body and soul of a business.

If that is the situation, it is wise to allow a marketing agency to guide you through the branding process. Doing it otherwise would be akin to walking right into a financial meltdown. 

Before consulting with a seasoned marketing agency, you should learn more about branding. In this case, know what makes a lousy brand.

Inconsistent Brand Messages

A business is a total of all its customers’ experiences with it. From the moment a prospect visits its website to the time he pays for the goods or services a business offers, he is subjected to the brand. A brand must be consistent because it has one voice and one image. Of course, the essence of the business will not change, but the way it is presented should be well-thought-out.

If a brand has several different voices or images, it will appear confused and unprofessional. For example, the brand of the new mobile phone company, Apple, is consistent. It is not only expressed in its name, logo, and online presence but also in the way it interacts with the customers.

You will prevent this from happening to your brand if you ask for the help of a seasoned marketing agency. When a brand is consistent, it is trustworthy. The customers are likely to trust your business because it is easy to understand.

Has No Personality

Some brands look like they are devoid of any personality. It is simply a logo, a name, and a tagline. These brands appear to be boring and stale.

Nothing more can be said about a brand that has no personality. The business image is best left to the customers’ imaginations rather than the brand itself. It is primarily a problem when the business has a unique concept.

Your brand must have a personality as you want your business to stand out from the rest. It is what will determine the success of your company. You will accomplish this if you team up with a seasoned marketing agency.

No Strategy

A brand is simply a manifestation of a business. A company can effectively communicate its purpose to the customers through the brand. However, if the brand is not borne out of an overarching strategy, it will appear purely reactionary and unprofessional. In the end, it will be ineffective.

If you want to establish a solid brand, you need to have a complete marketing strategy because it determines the success or failure of your campaign. Of course, it is not enough if you hire a seasoned marketing agency. Given the competition in the industry, they will help you build a solid foundation.


A brand is not only an identity. It is a promise of quality, trust, and value. As such, you must consult with a seasoned marketing agency to guide you through the branding process. If you do otherwise, you will be setting your business up for failure. It sounds harsh, but it has been proven in the case of many companies.

If you are in the process of establishing a company identity, you should consult C/C/G. As a seasoned marketing agency in Los Angeles, we can help you build a solid name and consistent brand message. Do not waste another minute! Contact us now for more information.

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