5 Branding and Design Trends That Should Be On Your Radar

5 Branding and Design Trends That Should Be On Your Radar

Branding is a way to set a business apart from competitors. Good branding uses a combination of elements, like color palettes, fonts, and stories, to create a lasting impression. 

When done right, good branding can build a connection between the business and customers. Shifts in design trends or economic changes can change branding trends.

1) Putting Purpose on the Forefront

People are becoming more aware of why a business exists. They want to know if it aligns with their values. Brands that have a strong sense of purpose are more likely to attract customers.

As a result, brands are putting their purpose front and center. Purposeful businesses use storytelling to share their values with audiences.

People want brands to speak to them as an individual. They want to see a real person behind a brand. As a result, brands are starting to use voice-oriented design, like in-person customer service, to create a personal connection.

2) Inclusive Design

People are becoming more conscious of their experiences. They want inclusive design that caters to differences in gender, race, age, and ability.

Inclusive design encompasses a variety of considerations, including large enough text, a diverse set of images, gender-neutral alternatives, and appropriate use of color. This way, everyone can use a website or product while feeling represented.

3) Branded Memes

Many branded memes started out as a simple joke. Then they became a way to share branding messages. Some memes may feel corny to people, but the underlying message is part of a company’s branding.

Branded memes compete with other types of branded content, like ads and social media posts. But they are still a powerful way to get a message out.

Branded memes can also be visual representations of a company’s culture. It can set a sense of humor employees can relate to.

4) Vintage Design and Throwbacks

Vintage design is a throwback to a certain generation. It is a way to evoke nostalgia or evoke a sense of quality.

Brands can use vintage designs to appeal to the older demographic. Or they can use it to appeal to a younger generation, who can relate to vintage.

5) Bold But Muted Colors

Color trends are changing as consumers become more conscious of wellness. Natural colors and muted tones become more popular.

This is noticeable in fashion and interior design. In fact, muted colors have been slowly creeping up in design trends for a few years now.

Color in branding can set the tone for the company. For example, bright colors can indicate an optimistic company. Muted colors can indicate a sense of calmness.

Why Do Design Trends Matter?

Branding is about creating a connection. This requires a thoughtful approach to design. Design trends can help businesses get noticed and stand out in the crowd.

Branding can also help new businesses get a good start. It can help them build a lasting image. And trends in branding are also trends in how people see the world.

The most important part of branding is staying true to the company’s mission. Whether that means using a trendy color scheme or sticking with a classic color scheme, a brand should create a lasting impression.


Design trends are important because they can make or break a business. Trends can indicate a change in consumer tastes. A business that doesn’t keep up with trends is at risk of falling behind the competition.

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