Benefits You’re Missing Out on When You Don’t Use UGC

Benefits You’re Missing Out on When You Don’t Use UGC

Using user-generated content (UGC) is a simple social media marketing strategy companies can use to get promotions online. This may come in the form of photos, videos, reviews, social media posts in which customers tag you, or online debates started by them.

Using UGC across the customer experience may be beneficial, but the particular benefits aren’t always evident. Let’s look at some of the most effective methods UGC can use to aid your brand’s success.

Improves Engagement and Retention

You can never have too much engagement or retention for your company. User-generated material may help improve both aspects of your business as a brand. 

UGC-enabled websites can experience a 20 percent increase in repeat visitors and a 90 percent increase in time spent on the site. If you’re seeking social media interaction, UGC posts have a 28 percent higher engagement rate than brand ones.

More interaction with your brand equals more chances for sessions to turn into purchases.

More Trustworthy than Other Advertising Methods

Shoppers trust UGC far more than traditional advertising, and they’re 2.4 times more likely to believe it’s genuine than brand-created material. 

Today’s buyers are sophisticated and have grown tired of commercials. They know you’ll focus on the positive aspects of your company while neatly ignoring any flaws.

A Cost- and Time-Efficient Marketing Resource

Wouldn’t it be better to leverage what satisfied consumers say about your brand and engage with it in your marketing efforts rather than waste money on developing fresh material that will be less successful anyway?

Include your top customer reviews on your website and share them on social media. This results in high-quality material and allows your staff to focus on other duties.

It Is Great for Your SEO

When you include user-generated content on your website, you boost the amount of quality text on each of your pages. 

This improves your search credibility by giving Google additional context for what the page includes and assisting it in determining which search queries are most likely to lead to your site. This material is updated regularly, allowing Google to see that your sites are still current and relevant.

Boosts Your Conversion Rates

The more clients you can display talking about your brand, the higher your conversion rate will be. According to tests, showing UGC customized to each product can improve conversions by up to 230 percent. They even discovered that adding product reviews to a product with only one star—when there had previously been none—improved conversions by 76 percent.

That’s because even low-quality user-generated material is preferable to none at all. Instead of buying without prior customer feedback, customers can see what the issue was—maybe the shipment wasn’t fast enough for the reviewers, but some purchasers don’t mind waiting for the goods to arrive—and determine for themselves if it’s an issue.

Gives You Insights into How Customers Feel

Your customers are offering you vital consumer insights whenever they chat about your brand online, especially if it’s anything unpleasant they’re saying.

Negative feedback typically leads to brands avoiding it or going into defensive mode. However, it may also guide you toward areas where you can improve your business and provide a better experience for your consumers in the future.


User-generated content can benefit your brand in several ways, from improving SEO and increasing conversion rates to boosting brand awareness and decreasing costs. You can think of your customers as an extension of your team and UGC as a direct way to communicate with them.

If you need help tracking your brand’s UGC and marketing campaigns in general, you can seek the help of a reliable and experienced social media agency. They can ensure that your branding is consistent and that you reach your target audiences.

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