5 Advantages of Using Animation in Online Learning

5 Advantages of Using Animation in Online Learning

Ever wonder why animations are a big hit in television and movies? People of any age are down to watch animated films because it is undeniably entertaining. Seeing this as an opportunity, instructors blend animation into their online courses to improve its quality and allow students to learn more effectively.

Animation-based learning is a perfect mix of different visual elements such as videos, infographics, and GIFs. This method applies in various fields, from science to corporate training schemes and primary school narratives to university-level presentations.

Making an animated learning material is a fun process; however, it can be time-consuming. So some trainers seek a creative agency in California to work with them in creating a stunning presentation.

Whether an instructor decides to make their own or hire a service, it is essential to know the benefits of animation-based learning. Read on to learn about it.

1. It Makes Complicated Concepts Digestible

Every course and subject has a complicated topic that is too abstract and theoretical to comprehend. Some terms are also dull to some learners that result in their loss of interest. Animation-based learning can help with this issue as it is a medium that makes any intangible things visible. For instance, it is challenging to count enough sheep to demonstrate 40 x 3 = 120, but Adobe After Effects can make it possible.

Visualization is vital in any field. Use it to explain supply and demand to chemical reactions; the possibilities are endless.

2. It Is Attention-Grabbing

Some learners do not enjoy reading at all. They may spend hours staring at a page but couldn’t absorb a single concept, and this alone may affect their performance in class. Animations are quick and entertaining, and they can ensure a significant increase in students’ attention span and performance.

3. It Stirs Imagination

Animation can demonstrate phenomena that are not readily available in the classroom. It applies to scenario-based training that focuses on practical and social skills. For example, a significant part of nurse training is learning about medicines, internal conditions, and external symptoms. Here, animated segments can help them see the procedures rather than picturing them in their heads. As a result, when it’s their time to apply it, it is easier to carry the action out.

4. It Motivates the Students and Promotes Retention

Aside from stirring their imagination, this method can help motivate the students and retain information longer because the human brain processes visual and audio information quickly and efficiently. According to Hsin and Cigas (2013), short videos enhance student satisfaction and motivation in an online Computer Science and Mathematics course. The number of involved students and their grades is significantly higher.

5. It Is Cost-Efficient and Accessible

Some people are scared of producing animation because they think it is expensive. However, creating quality animation is possible even on a budget. On top of that, instructors can reuse the video as long as the information is relevant. Furthermore, animated-based learning materials are accessible through the computer or cloud drive, and it is sharable. Learners can access the video through their devices and download it.


When technology and creativity have meshed together, it creates a world of unlimited possibilities, especially in education. Animation-based learning has a lot to offer in online teaching, and it is an effective way to make class fun, engaging, and productive.

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