A Marketing Agency’s Guide to Promoting Bakery Businesses

A Marketing Agency’s Guide to Promoting Bakery Businesses

There’s no better feeling than opening a bakery and allowing the sweet aroma of freshly-baked products to attract passersby. 

However, your job doesn’t stop there. As several businesses rise in the food and beverage industry, you must be creative in marketing your products. 

Unfortunately, other bakery businesses don’t hire a marketing agency because they think it’s expensive, but it makes them miss out on potential customers. 

As Los Angeles’s best marketing agency, we created eight fresh ways to promote a bakery business. 

1. Invest in Digital Marketing

Whether you own a home bakery or have just launched your online bakery business, marketing agencies urge business owners to invest their resources in digital marketing strategies to boost brand exposure and awareness. 

Although digital marketing strategies allow you to explore different angles online, you must still remember what works for your business and what won’t. 

2. Create a Website for Your Bakery Business

Like other businesses, every marketing agency urges bakery shops must create a website to gain more traffic from potential customers. 

Adding a unique voice and brand elements to your website can set you apart from other companies. You must also use the right colors, high-quality images, and authentic content to boost sales. 

3. Plan a Unique and Effective Content Marketing Strategy

We strongly recommend bakery business owners plan their content strategy carefully to succeed. 

However, this plan goes beyond your blog posts or popular social media posts. Content marketing strategies also help you maintain a consistent style and brand voice for all marketing activities. 

4. Satisfy Your Customers

Word-of-mouth marketing significantly influences users’ decisions, where 78% of consumers trust online reviews before visiting a business. And bakery business owners must satisfy customers to uphold an excellent reputation.

Besides providing excellent customer service, you can also ask your customers for honest opinions about your products and services. You may also create special menus like sugar-free baked goods or gluten-free pastries to show that you care about your customers. 

 5. Automate Your Business Operations

Keeping up with your customers’ ever-changing demands can be tricky, but automating your business operations with management software can improve productivity, reduce costs, and help you track sales. It will also show what you must sell your customers. 

Besides your business operations, marketing agencies also recommend automating how you accept online payments. We also suggest automating mobile ordering options and creating downloadable menus to help you boost sales. 

6. Maximize New Bakery Technology

As technological advancements continue to be available for businesses, marketing agencies want bakery businesses to maximize the new technology to improve customer experience. 

Tools like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, conversational chatbots, metaverse, robotics, and virtual technologies can help improve customer service and support. 

7. Offer Loyalty Programs and Giveaways

Every bakery business owner wants to gain a loyal customer base. And you can achieve this when you offer creative loyalty programs and giveaways. 

You can offer rewards and discount cards whenever customers will purchase your products. For example, consumers can get one free bun when they buy two buns. You may also hand out free coupons to new customers. 

Additionally, you can extend your campaign on social media to gain more followers or boost web traffic. 

8. Use Traditional Media

Lastly, despite the boom in digital marketing, reputable marketing agencies recommend using traditional media such as newspapers or magazines to promote your bakery business locally. 

You may also ask your marketing agency to create a flexible banner for local events or list your business in a directory. 

Whipping up Fresh Ideas

In a hyper-competitive industry, bakery businesses must find ways to sell their products to stay relevant. Consulting a reputable marketing agency can help you create the best strategies for your marketing plan. 

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